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eBay Acknowledges API Listing Glitch

By Ina Steiner
September 18, 2012

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eBay used its Systems Announcement Board to acknowledge a glitch with its API. The company rarely uses its Systems board other than to announce its weekly maintenance schedule - the report is available on this page.

eBay wrote, "Previously some members may have been unable to list, relist or revise their items using API calls to eBay. This has now been resolved. Thank you for your patience while we corrected this problem."

Late Monday evening, a seller had posted to a thread on the eBay boards, "I'm freaking out... can't list, can't update... sad. eBay, please realize the impact this may have on people's personal lives. Make and announcement or something..." Another seller repsonded, " i cannot relist sold item, sell new item is not working - what is going on."

A buyer replied, "Well 2 mornings in a row not able to bid on items that I needed..... No problems my ass! Upgrade some more stuff so the entire site doesn't work for anyone, would that be OK??? GREAT JOB EBAY!!"

Remember, if you're having problems, visit EcommerceBytes Ecommerce EKG to see if a report has been filed or to file your own report!

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