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Etsy Has Strong Month in July, Merchant Sales up 75 Percent

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Etsy merchants sold 75% more in dollar sales in July compared to July 2011, 12.3% higher than June's sales of $61.9 million. It's interesting to note that June is traditionally flat or lower than May sales, while sales rebound in July.

In fact, July sales typically soar to just under the previous December's sales, making it the second-highest month in sales up to that point - and this year is no different. July 2012 saw seller sales of $69.5 million, second only to December 2011 sales of $69.8 million.

Etsy merchant unit sales were up 66% in July year-over-year to 3.35 million, or 14.7% higher than June 2012.

There were 785,029 new members in July, and 2.3 million new items were listed in the month; 1.36 billion page views were recorded on the Etsy site in July.

Etsy July 2012 Sales

July 2011 July 2012 % Change
Dollar Sales

$39.67 million*

$69.5 million


Unit Sales




New items listed




New members




Page views

1.065 billion

1.36 billion


*This is an approximate number; Etsy originally reported sales of $40.7 million in July 2011, that number did not factor in refunds and cancellations.

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