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eBay Adds Country of Origin to Item Specifics

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eBay has added "Country of Origin" to its product attribute fields known as Item Specifics. Sellers were unsure as to why it was popping up today when they were listing items for sale. The following message appears to explain the field: "Telling us the country of manufacture helps streamline customs clearance if the item is sold with the Global Shipping Program."

eBay has not yet announced the eBay Global Shipping Program, which is designed to facilitate cross border trade and will be operated by Pitney Bowes - see today's EcommerceBytes news article for details of the new program.

One eBay seller said it was difficult to enter the information for products when she didn't have the item in front of her since she was relisting the items.

Another seller wrote on the eBay discussion boards, "Well, people are always complaining about all the cheap chinese made junk (valid complaints), so maybe this is a way to offer a "made in xxx" filter? Though of course the Chinese sellers will simply choose unknown or made in the usa anyway but.. it might be at least an effort to acknowledge the problem?"

An EcommerceBytes reader wrote, "My thought is this is also GREAT for the folks who like the "made in America" items." However, eBay spokesperson Ryan Moore said there were no plans to have the Country of Origin appear in the filters in search results, it will appear only on the item page.

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