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Etsy Launches Variations Feature for Apparel Sellers

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Etsy is testing variations for sellers of apparel who can use the feature to add size and color options to their clothing listings. Etsy had run an initial test with a small group of t-shirt, hoodie and tank top sellers and has now opened up the "Listing Variations Prototype" to all clothing sellers.

In an announcement about the new feature, Etsy said, "Listing Variations should ensure that buyers provide you with size and/or color information when adding an item to their cart and reduce unnecessary convos about item specifics. Both sellers and buyers will see the additional size/color details on the sold orders & purchases pages, on the invoice & receipt, and in the order & transaction email."

Sellers have already suggested additional capability that would let them price a piece of clothing differently depending on the size.

Etsy said it would extend Listing Variations to other categories in the near future. Clothing sellers can sign up for the Prototype to test variations in their listings, and can learn more in the Tuesday announcement.

Prototypes are projects from Etsy Admin that explore different ways of using Etsy. Each prototype is released with the goal of gathering data and observing how people use them.

Etsy warned members signing up for the Listing Variations prototype to leave size and color information in their listing titles, descriptions and tags while the feature was still being tested.

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