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eBay Releases Results of User Experience Survey

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eBay surveyed users last month, asking them about selling satisfaction and eBay brand perception, and released the results this week. Kate from eBay's User Experience Team posted a message on the eBay Cafe board, but members who commented on the thread expressed disappointment that eBay did not reveal specific results.

What eBay learned about the eBay Community, according to the announcement, was that "eBay Members who visit the community on a regular basis come to eBay more often in general, and are interested in new ways for eBay teams to reach out and get direct feedback." While some members "come to the community to vent, many come to get help and give back."

The generalizations continued: "Community members are diverse, and include all ages, experience levels and types of sellers / buyers. However, Community is a great place to come to talk particularly to people who have been engaged with eBay for 10+ years and know the ropes."

"Most community members both buy and sell sometime during their careers at eBay."

As for the survey results with regard to sellers, eBay said "When it comes to selling: stability, services, and listing traffic are the most important aspects."

"Sellers want to contribute and collaborate and be sure that eBay is considering their needs and concerns moving forward."

And, "When it comes to shipping, most people agree that it is more important to know where a package is (tracking) than how fast it's getting there."

Those were the results as revealed by eBay. A description of the survey itself can be found in this July EcommerceBytes news article.

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