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Amazon Sellers Say Goodbye to Seller Soapbox

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Amazon sellers who want to talk politics, play games and discuss current events will no longer be able to do so on the Amazon discussion boards. The company launched new discussion boards in March and gave sellers 4 months to transition from the old boards. However, the long-running, ever-popular "Seller Soapbox" has no home on the new boards.

While many discussions on the Soapbox were "off-topic" and often political in nature, sellers also used the board to share information about online selling and discuss new Amazon features and policies - though in recent years, many sellers left to join private invitation-only boards to get away from the off-topic and sometimes quite heated conversation.

Amazon closed the old seller boards to new posts on July 31st, and told sellers the site would be removed completely "shortly after that date."

After receiving immediate feedback from sellers, Amazon decided to leave the old forums open "for another few weeks," and spend that time going through the content to find helpful threads.

"Once those have been identified, we will manually move them to the "Help for New Sellers" section of this (the new) forum," an Amazon moderator wrote.

Amazon made it clear it no longer wanted frivolous discussions: "we want threads that discuss selling on Letís leave discussions about 2008 Oscar winners on the old forums," the moderator wrote. But some participants of the seller soapbox waxed nostalgic in a thread entitled, "Most Shocking and Funniest Soapbox Moments in History."

Au revoir, Amazon Seller Soapbox!

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