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eBay Says Young French Women Share Fashion Purchases Online

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eBay is collaborating with French publication Terrafemina to explore how women today are shopping, sharing and researching their purchases online. Companies may be particularly interested in French online shopping trends as the country was home to the first "flash sale" website, Vente Privee, which sparked the flash sale phenomenon.

The eBay-Terrafemina Observatory initiative's most recent study surveyed 510 French women between the ages of 25 and 35 via CSA Buzz Panel from June 28 through July 4. Among the results:

  • 95 percent of the young women said they typically shared their fashion purchases online;
  • 17 percent of the young women reported regularly using their smartphones to buy items;
  • 47 percent said they relied on their professional computers for shopping.

eBay and Terrafemina held a panel to discuss the results last month. Terrafemina president and founder Veronique Morali moderated the panel, which consisted of Sarah Allart, co-founder of, an innovative social shopping platform; Antonin Chartier, co-founder of Jimmy Fairly, a trendy ecommerce website dedicated to eyewear with a "buy one, give one" concept; and Celine Orjubin, associate director of My Little Paris and My Little Box, leading fashion, beauty and lifestyle websites.

The companies held a similar event in March where they reported on social shopping experiences by women who don't work outside the home.

The presentation from July is available in French on

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