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ProPay Extends Credit-Card Processing Service to All eBay Sellers

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Online payment service ProPay is extending its integrated eAuction Account to all eligible eBay sellers - the service had previously been available only to eBay PowerSellers. Scott Nelson, Vice President of Marketing, explained that while ProPay was expanding the pool of sellers beyond PowerSellers, they must meet ProPay's special proprietary scoring matrix in order to qualify.

Heather Mark, Propay Senior Vice President of Market Strategy, said the company was broadening the pool of eligible eBay merchants in stages to make sure the eAuction service works for eBay sellers.

The company has offered its credit-card processing service to online merchants since 1997 and has over 1.4 million registered merchants, and a few thousand eBay sellers since first rolling out the service on eBay 3 years ago. Scott Nelson, ProPay's Vice President of Marketing, told EcommerceBytes the company has seen an increase of over 100% in signups from eBay merchants over the past 2 months.

The eAuction service allows sellers to provide credit card options at eBay Checkout, meaning buyers are able to use their credit cards to pay for transactions on eBay without having to use PayPal.

Despite eBay's move to ban paper payments such as cash and checks for most transactions on its marketplace, ProPay is one of only a few payment services allowed on the marketplace aside from eBay's own PayPal service. Rival PayMate recently announced it was exiting the eBay payment-processing space, leaving even fewer options for eBay sellers.

With ProPay's eAuction Account, eBay sellers can accept all four major credit cards for transaction fees as low as 2.4 percent. The transaction fees do not change, regardless of the type of credit or debit card (rewards, corporate, etc.) used. ProPay's eAuction is fully integrated with eBay checkout - buyers who select ProPay as a payment method simply enter their credit or debit card information to complete their purchase - they do not need to login or sign up for a ProPay Account.

eBay sellers who sign up for ProPay eAuction accounts pay an annual sign up fee that ranges from $5.00 to $9.95, and there are no bank transfer fees, monthly gateway fees, online statement fees, cancellation fees, monthly processing minimum fees, or transaction downgrade fees.

Fees vary according to the type of eAuction account, ranging from eBay Titanium and Platinum PowerSellers who pay 2.4% plus 30 cents per transaction, to eAuction Basic accountholders, who pay 3.25% plus 35 cents per transaction.

Read the eAuction FAQs for details - only one eBay account can be linked to a single ProPay Account, and Adult items are among ProPay's prohibited transaction types, for example - and see the Pricing page for details on fees.

Article updated for clarity on 8/2/12.

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