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eBay Expands Ads on Product Listing Pages in UK

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eBay UK will display ads on seller View Item pages on a permanent basis, it disclosed last week. It had been running a test where it showed text ads at the bottom of listing pages, and on Friday announced it was making the ad policy permanent. The text ads are similar to those seen at the bottom of search results pages, and will appear on listing pages for which sellers have not paid an insertion fee.

eBay has said that ads add value to the listing pages, as when it began placing ads from outside brands in a rectangular box on the right side of the View Item page on the U.S. website beginning last month, and again when it made a change in Australia last month.

In May, eBay Australia announced a change in its ad policy, explaining it was eliminating display ads at the top of search results pages and adding merchandising placements to the bottom of View Item pages in order to "increase the chances that buyers find what they're looking for when visiting" (It also opened an office in Melbourne to support its rapidly expanding advertising business, it had announced 2 weeks ago.)

eBay UK said it would display the ads on listings from private sellers - those sellers who do not have to register as a business seller to comply with the UK's Unfair Commercial Practices Directive, which makes it an offence in the UK for a business to falsely represent itself as a private individual, according to eBay.

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