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PayPal Launches New Shipping Labels for Sellers Powered by eBay

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PayPal sent an email to sellers advising them that over the next few weeks, it would be directing them to a "new and improved" tool for creating shipping labels that is powered by eBay. Advantages of the new shipping-label tool include extra service options and USPS shipping rates 32.5% less than what sellers had been paying through PayPal.

In the fall, eBay had briefly replaced PayPal USPS single shipping label printing with the eBay USPS single shipping label process, to the objection of sellers. eBay spokesperson Johnna Hoff said at the time eBay was trying to simplify the label printing process for eBay sellers.

In its email, PayPal pointed to FAQs where it states, "The new PayPal shipping label tool supports label printing for eBay transactions. Users can continue to print their labels on the old flow for UPS shipments and off-eBay transactions. PayPal Multi Order Shipping (MOS) application is also available for the bulk label printing."

In addition, tracking information is automatically uploaded to PayPal, as well as to eBay for eBay orders. When sellers print a label for an eBay order, eBay will send an order update email with tracking details to the seller's buyers, where they can include an additional message to buyers.

PayPal will begin automatically directing sellers to the new tool beginning Tuesday, March 27, 2012.

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