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Etsy Grows Marketplace GMV 71 Percent in 2011

By Ina Steiner
February 07, 2012

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Etsy shoppers purchased $537.6 million worth of goods on the marketplace in 2011, up 71% from 2010. That compares to 2010's 74% year-over-year growth rate, and 2009's 105% growth rate. Etsy became profitable in 2009 under the leadership of Maria Thomas, who stepped down as CEO in December 2009 and was replaced by founder Rob Kalin in January 2010.

Etsy GMV 2008 - 2011


(in millions)

GMV Growth













Etsy data compiled by EcommerceBytes.com

Last year was a transitional year for the company, with Chief Technology Officer Chad Dickerson taking over from founder Rob Kalin as CEO in July after some controversial changes at the company, some involving a move to make the site more "social." A month later, the company proceeded to roll out its new relevancy search, and rolled out product ads in September, the same month it held its first conference on small business and sustainability in Berlin Germany.

Etsy December 2011 Sales

  December 2010 December 2011 % Change
Dollar Sales

$41.1 million

$69.8 million


Unit Sales




New items listed




New members




Page views

940.6 million

1.2 billion


Source: Etsy.com

In December 2011, Etsy's GMV was up 70% year-over-year to $69.8 million, and unit sales were up 56%. Over 788 thousand new members jointed the site in December, 68% more than joined the site in December 2010.

While page views were up 28% year-over-year in December at 1.2 billion, that was down from November's 1.3 billion page views. The number of new items listed in December was up 28% year-over-year to 1,939,252, which was down 21% from November.

Dickerson recently shared in an interview his plan to eventually take Etsy public - learn more and leave a comment on the EcommerceBytes Blog.

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