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eBay's Milo Gets Competition from Goodzer Local-Shopping Site

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Goodzer is helping shoppers find items that are available locally online and in brick-and-mortar stores and relaunched its website and mobile app today. The company said it has expanded its reach to over 2 billion products from half a million offline stores and online merchants to its updated Website and iPhone app.

Goodzer is competing in a space that giants such as Google and eBay are attempting to dominate, but is going about it differently. Google and eBay require merchants to provide it with product information. Google offers a "Local Product Availability" feature on Google Place Pages, and eBay offers "Local Shopping," powered by Milo, which it acquired last year.

Goodzer does not have to access point-of-sale systems and says that by requiring nothing from the retailer, its scalable technology sources products and provides stores with a free and seamless way to increase their online and mobile presence.

CEO Dmitry Pakhomkin said, "Online research has been a huge part of shopping for a long time, but searching for products to buy in store has been historically hard. In the last few years, there's been progress, but no one has delivered such a large number and wide variety of consumer products until now."

Goodzer quickly and efficiently catalogs goods from any merchant with a website - regardless of whether it's a single, local store or one of the world's largest chains - to deliver the most comprehensive, up-to-date listing of local product information. However, some locations appear to be picking up smaller merchants better than other locations - a search for "handmade hat" finds nine products in five stores in New York, but finds zero handmade hats in Boston.

Goodzer said it is closing a round of seed funding that will be used to support company growth through new hires, feature enhancements and the infrastructure needed to expand its geographical footprint.

Consumers can search the Goodzer website or use the Goodzer mobile app, available via iTunes.

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