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Sellers Complain eBay Is Capping Listing Prices

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eBay sellers continue to report that the company is prohibiting them from increasing the price of their live listings. One seller described the problem on the eBay discussion board on Sunday, explaining she had decided to increase her auction and Buy It Now prices on a couple of listings. "Ebay prevented me from modifying my prices in my listings. Neither of them had a bid. The only way I could modify my listing prices was to end them. The error message says to end listing to modify price."

eBay had always allowed sellers to make revisions to listings unless they item had a bid or was within 24 hours of the listing expiration date.

An EcommerceBytes reader also wrote on Sunday describing the problem, and stating he was doing something he and millions of other sellers had done before - revising his listing price. "My listing prices are my business not eBay's Period," he wrote. "The error message received and posted in the Seller Central thread makes no sense and offers no link or direction for clarification."

The message he received stated: "The increase in your item price significantly changes the value of this listing. To list at this price, please create a new listing."

According to some sellers who have called eBay customer service, reps are unaware of the issue and don't know why the sellers are unable to revise the listing price.

Some sellers say they have been able to revise their listings multiple times, raising prices in small increments until the desired price is reached.

Update 10/18/11: New information in this EcommerceBytes Blog post

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