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Toy Collector Market Makes Its Official Launch

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Toy Collector has officially launched its online marketplace for collectible toys and models after having launched it in beta by invitation-only in the spring. Founder Christian Braun and his fellow developers say they started Toy Collector out of frustration with eBay's treatment of the collectible toy and model market.

The Toy Collector Market is intended to create the "ultimate" buying and selling platform and environment for collectors and hobbyists and currently focuses on vintage Dinky and Corgi Toys. The new platform has been specially tailored to the collectibles market and will ultimately cater to both antique and modern items with a host of features designed to benefit both buyers and sellers. As of launch, several hundred items were listed for sale.

Items can be listed in either Buy-It-Now or Auction format (with a Best Offer feature coming soon.) There are no listing fees - sellers pay a final value fee of 8% once the item is sold. For auctions, a buyers' premium of 8% is also charged to the purchaser, as in a real-world auction. Sellers are able to upload up to ten images free of charge.

Toy Collector Market operates its own Amazon-style payment system using Moneybookers. Under this system, the buyer pays Toy Collector, which informs the seller when the item has been paid for and can be shipped. Payment to sellers is made twice monthly.

In instances where disputes arise, Toy Collector Market provides a system for buyers to indicate they've shipped items back to the seller, and for sellers to indicate receipt of the item. Buyers will have a set time to indicate if they are unhappy with an item, and refunds will be made only after the seller has indicated they've received the returned item.

Sellers list items through ToyPedia, the site's online database of collectible toys. Sellers also have the option of using the item's standard ToyPedia photo when available, in addition to being able to upload their own images, a feature that's geared to sellers who are listing brand-new-in-box items.

Toy Collector says its marketplace has an "Anti-Non-Paying Bidder Mechanism." Buy-It-Now purchases must be paid for within a set amount of time - currently 50 minutes - or else the items will relist automatically. And, unlike on eBay, both buyers and sellers on Toy Collector Market can leave positive, neutral or negative feedback.

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