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eBay UK Raises Success Fees for Casual Sellers

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eBay UK is changing the fee structure for Private (non-business) sellers, moving to a flat rate commission fee for fixed price items beginning July 21st that will result in higher commission fees compared to the current tiered pricing. eBay UK sent the following letter to sellers on Monday:

On 21 July 2011, the final value fee for fixed price listings (Buy It Now) will be changed to a flat rate of 10%, up to a maximum EUR50.00. This new flat fee replaces the current tiered structure, making it simpler and easier for you to calculate up-front the fees you'll pay. As before, you won't pay any final value fee if your items don't sell. The new calculations only apply to items listed or scheduled to start on or after the 21 July 2011.

eBay had announced a similar new fee structure for its UK business sellers in May that hit some sellers particular hard. For example, Final Value Fees (FVF) for Clothing, Shoes & Accessories had been a tiered pricing schedule, beginning at 8.75% and decreasing to 5.25% down to 1.5%, as the selling price increased. But beginning in May, business sellers began paying a flat 12% FVF in the Clothing Shoes & Accessories category.

Information and reaction to the latest fee changes can be found on this eBay UK discussion board thread.

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