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Ruby Plaza Goes FREE Through December 2012

By Company-Issued Press Release
June 15, 2011

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011, San Francisco - Ruby Plaza has announced that it is now free for sellers through December 2012. Powered by Ruby Lane, the move comes in an ongoing effort to grow and expand the site. Launched in April 2010, Ruby Plaza is currently home to more than 700 individually-owned shops specializing in home decor, fashion & accessories, and jewelry.

"Since it's launch, traffic and sales on Ruby Plaza have yet to meet our expectations," says Palmer Pekarek, Director of Communications and New Business Development for Ruby Lane (Ruby Plaza's parent). "We really wanted to show both our shops, and the community, our commitment to making Ruby Plaza as successful as possible. While it was not an easy decision for us to make, we feel that the best way to increase items on the site, build traffic, and ultimately sales, is to offer all shops - both current and new - the ability to sell with us absolutely free." On January 1st, 2013, shops will be asked to pay a proposed flat fee of $4.95 per month and a 4.95% commission on each item sold.

Unlike Ruby Lane which specializes in vintage and collectible items, Ruby Plaza is designed to focus on newer and brand new items in the home decor, fashion and accessories, and jewelry categories. Items like new Ralph Lauren sheets, a newer Tiffany and Company Paloma Picasso necklace, and a reproduction of the timeless Wassily chair, are just a few examples of what Ruby Plaza shoppers will find.

In addition to making the site free, Skype has been added as one of its new features. Skype allows buyers and sellers to communicate in real time, while the buyer browses the site. In addition to instant messaging, buyers and sellers can also engage in audio as well as video conversations regarding items.

"Video conversations between buyers and sellers, have many benefits," says Pekarek. "First, it allows buyers to connect with sellers face to face, so-to-speak, and really be able to develop a relationship. Next, it allows sellers to work with buyers in real-time and, if need-be, showcase items live to the buyer. This enables the buyer to see specific details of an item instantaneously."

Although not all Ruby Plaza shops use Skype, the number of shop owners using the technology increases daily. Pekarek recognizes that there will be a learning curve for some, however he expects Skype usage on the site to grow in popularity as both buyers and sellers become more comfortable using this dynamic tool.

"Skype for shopping is an exciting new feature on Ruby Plaza, and in the near future several more social networking features will be added to the site that will support our shops ability to communicate with customers and help them build traffic," explains Pekarek.

There are more details and information at www.RubyPlaza.com. Come see why so many call Ruby Plaza home.

About Ruby Plaza and Ruby Lane

Launched on April 20, 2010, Ruby Plaza is the sister site of Ruby Lane. Ruby Plaza boasts 700 shops and more than 85,000 unique items in several categories including home decor, jewelry, furniture, lighting, clothing and accessories. Visit www.rubyplaza.com.

Since 1998, Ruby Lane has brought together individually-owned shops offering unique items from around the world. Today, Ruby Lane offers more than 425,000 items in inventory ranging from antique furniture to depression glass, fine china, vintage jewelry, heirloom linens, books, stamps, paintings, sculpture, hand-blown glass, and ceramics from more than 2,200 shops. Visit http://www.rubylane.com.

Contact: Palmer Pekarek, Palmer@Rubylane.com, 303-669-9382

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