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eBay Is CashReporter's Most Popular Merchant for Cashback Discounts

By Ina Steiner
December 30, 2010

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You're likely familiar with cashback sites such as eBates and BigCrumbs, but did you know there is a cashback aggregator - a sort of comparison search engine for cashback rewards? CashReporter.com is designed to help shoppers find the best cashback offers for over 8,000 online retailers. And according to co-founder Cary Tang, eBay is one of CashReporter.com's most popular merchant pages.

Tang and Alvaro Valdivieso launched CashReporter.com in August to help fill the void left by Bing, which ended its Bing Cashback program in July. The site strives to be the primary stop for users before they make any online purchases.

Cashback sites work by tracking purchases made through referral links - when a member uses the cashback sites' referral links to make a purchase at an online store, the merchant pays the cashback site a commission, a portion of which is passed along to the shopper. (eBay pays based on a percentage of the seller's total fee.)

Why not go directly to a specific cashback site instead of to CashReporter? According to the company, not all sites offer the same amount back, "so to ensure you get the best savings, always start with CashReporter.com before making a purchase."

Tang and Valdivieso are both veterans of PriceGrabber.com, and their backgrounds include software development, content, and channel management. Tang said CashReporter is focused on content and usability. "We want auction shoppers to come to us as a resource to ensure they get the most savings at sites like eBay. To fund our service, we offer traditional advertising units, featured listings for cash back sites and referrals."

Tang said in addition to eBay, popular cashback sites during the holiday shopping season included Walmart, Newegg, Buy.com and Kohl's, with electronics and computer items remaining popular throughout the season.

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eBay Is CashReporter's Most Popular Merchant for Cashback Discounts - December 30, 2010

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