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Etsy Helps Users Search for Their Favorite Things

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Online marketplaces allow shoppers to mark items they like but are not ready to purchase so they can continue to browse the site, allowing them to easily find those favorite items in future visits. There are now a number of ways Etsy shoppers can search and organize their lists of "favorite" items, including a tool from a third-party developer that can act as a gift registry.

Etsy is in the process of rolling out the ability for users to conduct searches of all of the active listings in their favorite items. Users can click on the button to the left of the search bar, select "Your Favorite Items," and enter their search terms. In the future, Etsy will add the ability for shoppers to see their Favorite items as a "facet" when they search for items on Etsy (similar to the way Local Items is displayed as a search filter).

Etsy said it was also working on the ability to search listings in favorite shops.

Etsy announced the new functionality last week and said it was only available to a percentage of site traffic. "We'll be gradually ramping it up over the next little bit, and keeping a close eye on things to address any issues that pop up." Users reacted positively in this forum thread.

Third-party developer Checklet has also created a tool that lets Etsy users do more with their lists, allowing them to organize and categorize their favorite items. The Checklet website says this about its Favoritizer tool:

With one click of "Get My Favorites", we retrieve your favorites from Etsy and then allow you to create as many categories as you wish. Make categories for gifts you'd like to give, gifts you'd like to receive, treasuries you are thinking about making, findings you need for your next project, or whatever!"

Favoritizer also allows Etsy users to make any of their favorites lists public using its service, and suggested the feature could be used to share wishlists with others as an instant gift registry. The tool allows users to organize and categorize their favorite shops as well.

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