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PayPal Developer Finalists Create Apps to Let You Bet, Borrow and Sell

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PayPal announced the ten finalists in its Developers Challenge leading up to the PayPal X Developers Conference at the end of the month. One of the applications, Sellaround, allows sellers to create a widget that acts as an "advertising banner and mini shop in one" that can be distributed across the social Web. Sellaround charges an 8% commission plus PayPal fees, which is not cheap for a newly launched service in beta testing.

Another finalist is Kabbage, a company that gives short-term business loans to eBay sellers, evaluating them based on how long they've been selling on eBay, their customer ratings, whether they have an eBay Store, and funds flowing through their PayPal and merchant credit card accounts. AuctionBytes wrote about Kabbage in April.

LendFriend helps users borrow from and lend to friends and family, while another two finalists allow you to order food using your mobile devices, perhaps revealing something about the eating habits of software developers:

OrderMapper provides restaurants with an application to allow customers place food orders from a full menu on their mobile devices without having to make a phone call. And iConcessionStand lets sports fans order food and souvenirs at stadium events from their seats using their mobile phone.

PayPal described the finalists as the "most innovative and creative apps and services using PayPal's APIs that also address industry and society needs." The grand prize winner will be announced at the Innovate 2010 DevCon on October 26-27, 2010. Here is a list of the other finalists:

BetmeBig lets you bet on sports, politics, celebrities and more against your friends, family or (coming soon) total strangers - legally. You gamble, your favorite charity wins.

Kachingle a voluntary social micropayment system where people like you, who enjoy content on the Internet every day, can voluntarily sign up to contribute $5, $10 or $20 a month, toward the content you love.

Rfinity lets you send person-to-person payments via cell phone with no additional hardware and for merchants to a reader device that integrates with nearly any PC-based point-of-sale terminal.

ShareABill facilitates the collection of money for group purchase and expenses thru "deals" and the individual collection of money toward "wants."

SmartMarket: a mobile point-of-sale system where buyers use their mobile phones to "bump" payment to a merchant's iPad merchant application.

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