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Addoway Facebook Feature Enables Vicarious Shopping

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Addoway, which calls itself "a social marketplace," is launching a new set of features to help users discover what their friends are buying and selling, taking advantage of a growing trend in which people happily engage in conspicuous consumption using social networking sites.

Addoway's system uses Facebook to recommend merchants that users' friends have bought from in the past, in addition to merchants that their friends and friends-of-friends know personally. Each time an Addoway merchant makes a sale to a buyer who logs in with Facebook, it will be archived for that buyer's friends to see in the future when they log in to Addoway.

According to Addoway co-founder and CEO Fredrick Nijm, the features were launched to increase shoppers' confidence in buying from merchants they have never bought from before.

When a user logs into Addoway using Facebook Connect, they will see if any of their friends have bought on Addoway or are selling anything on Addoway. Users can browse through the items their friends have purchased and discover merchants with whom their friends have had a good experience. They can also browse through items their friends or friends-of-friends are currently selling on the site.

New enhancements give shoppers the ability to browse or search for what they want and filter results to display items from all merchants, merchants their friends have bought from, or merchants that are friends or friends-of-friends. Shoppers have the option to turn the features off if they do not want to display their Addoway activity to their friends.

Nijm said the company is not disclosing user numbers, but said it surpassed 100,000 listings since its public beta launch in April.

"If I had to compare Addoway to another site out there today, the best way I could describe us is by saying that Addoway is most like eBay meets Facebook," Nijm said, and added that the site focuses on fashion, collectibles and more at up to 70% off.

While Addoway proactively removes links to listings on other marketplaces, Addoway Pro members are allowed to display all of their other storefronts. "Prospective buyers can then see that this person also sells on eBay, eCrater, and Bonanzle and in fact potentially sends traffic to their other stores," said Nijm.

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