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Spoonfeeder Creator at Odds with New Owner of Source Code

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Gene Chandler founded Great Lakes Software and created the Spoonfeeder software for eBay sellers. As AuctionBytes reported, Great Lakes Software recently filed for bankruptcy, and trustees sold off the company assets to pay creditors. Now, Mr. Chandler is mulling a lawsuit against the new owner of the source code.

Dick Miller of Erman Teicher is Mr. Chandler's lawyer. Mr. Miller said Quenton Durrett purchased Great Lakes Software's source code, but has been using the name Spoonfeeder despite the fact that Mr. Chandler personally owns the Spoonfeeder trademark and trade name.

Mr. Durrett issued a press release last week with the headline, "Spoonfeeder software will be back!!" and stating, "Zone One Software LLC. & Xasio Group LLC which operates have acquired spoonfeeder listing software. They Plan to resurrect, improve and expand the software for users."

Mr. Durrett told AuctionBytes that he was aware that he did not have the rights to use Spoonfeeder and said he was "working with Gene on the name."

Mr. Miller said Mr. Durrett was not in talks with his client to acquire the Spoonfeeder name.

Mr. Durrett himself had filed for bankruptcy in 2003 when he operated a demolition company in Texas. He also received a "one-year deferred" sentence and had to pay restitution in a workers compensation case, explaining to AuctionBytes that he had hired contractors on an hourly basis, but the state of Texas considered them employees.

Asked what experience he had in the software space, Mr. Durrett provided the following statement:

Quenton Durrett is currently serving as President and CEO of the Xasio Group LLC. which operates a newly launched website ( is a marketplace for buyers and sellers. He also serves on the board of director for three separate companies two of which are software companies. Code Win Software, Zone One Software LLC and Gulf Coast Fuel Resources LLC. Code Win Software develops and supports logistics software for warehouses throughout the world. Zone One Software is in the developmental stages of proprietary software that has to do with internet marketing. Gulf Coast fuel Resources LLC. is in the process of developing several bio energy projects which includes making diesel fuel out of rubber tires, coal and plastics. The company also markets Bio Diesel and Diesel fuels.

Quenton attended Texas A&M University in a specialty program focusing on bio-diesel and industrial application of vegetable oils. He developed and built a bio-diesel pilot plant with a production output of one million gallons per year.

Quenton has broad management and corporate development experience in the service industries, derived from 10 years experience in technical, development and operating functions.

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