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eBay Resurrects Seller Outreach Program

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eBay re-launched its Seller Outreach program in February to help professional sellers transition to the new fee structure rolling out on March 30 and to help sellers grow their businesses in the coming year. According to eBay spokesperson Johnna Hoff, sellers can sign up for a free, in-depth business consultation that will provide them with personalized, practical advice and specific tips on how to:

  • save time and reduce operating costs to boost profits;
  • optimize listings for maximum visibility and sales;
  • and improve standings to earn maximum rewards.

eBay outsourced the program to a company called Expert Planet, which conducted a week-long on-location training session for members of the Seller Outreach team, which are treated as independent contractors of Expert Planet.

Ms. Hoff said eBay chose ExpertPlanet to contact sellers on behalf of the program because of the company's proven performance and ability to attract certified eBay selling experts from the community. "The group includes eBay Top-rated sellers, Trading Assistants, Education Specialists, and Store subscribers - professional sellers who have personally walked the talk and have the expertise to counsel other sellers with advice and tips for growing their businesses on eBay. Of the more than 20 agents on the Seller Outreach Program, the collective tenure on eBay is 150 years, and as a group they have achieved more than 50,000 feedback."

The eBay Seller Outreach program had existed as early as 2004, and eBay had reportedly discontinued the Seller Outreach program in 2008 around the same period it laid off 1,000 employees and cut several hundred temporary workers.

eBay is promoting the Seller Outreach program in a variety of ways, including through Seller Alert, Seller Dashboard, Seller Information Center, Community Boards, Seller Newsletter and Seller Emails. More information can be found on this eBay page.

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