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Payvment Brings PayPal-Powered Shopping Cart to Facebook

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A new service called Payvment uses PayPal Adaptive Payments to bring its "roving shopping cart" to Facebook and across the Internet. The company will be launching its service at the upcoming PayPal Developers Conference next month in San Francisco.

Payvment allows Facebook users to set up rudimentary shops directly in Facebook. According to Payvment FAQs, its shopping cart is not a widget, but rather, is a web service that places a shopping cart directly into web pages. "When your customer clicks an Add to Cart button anywhere on your website, Payvment's web service is told that your customer needs a shopping cart and delivers one into your website instantly." A consumer's items stays with them in the cart across any website, and the cart can include items from multiple retailers that can be purchased with a single checkout.

The company launched a demo video on YouTube.

One major caveat: the service does not yet support sales tax. Right now this tool is free while the company work on its development.

According to PayPal, "the Adaptive Payments API enables you to send money in many different scenarios, from simple to complex; for example, you might build a small send money application for a social networking site or a robust payroll system." (See PayPal's concept video that shows innovative ways it imagines consumers will use PayPal to purchase goods offline in the future, using PayPal technology.)

PayPal's Scott Thompson spoke at the Web 2.0 conference on Tuesday about the company's plan to open its platform to developers during its first dedicated Developers Conference, scheduled for early November. Fundrazer and Lottay are two other services participating in PayPal's pilot program and expected to launch at the DevCon.

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