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Online Marketplace News: Alibris, Atomic Mall, Etsy,, Wigix

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Here is a roundup of news coming from online marketplaces and eBay alternatives.

Alibris is publishing a new column by founder Richard Weatherford that promotes books that could be considered affordable collectibles as opposed to "antiquarian books sitting in a glass case." Alibris said sellers with those types of books ("Whether its an autographed Janet Evanovich or a modern first edition, like Stephenie Meyers New Moon"), should expect to see an increase in sales of this type of material. (Link)

Atomic Mall added two new store functions. Coupon Codes allows merchants to create and store up to three unique promo codes with attached discounts (either a percentage or a fixed dollar amount) to give privately to select buyers or to advertise publicly. Country Discount helps sellers who ship items internationally and wish to offer shipping cost adjustments to buyers in certain countries. (Link)

Etsy posted a message from its Product Team to summarize recent developments and to announce its priorities for the second half of the year. The marketplace said its top focus continues to be helping shoppers find and discover unique items and making it easier for them to check out, more information is found in the announcement.. (Link) said sales are at an all-time high and still climbing. The auction site said year-to-year sales increased over 185% during Q1-2009 and increased over 350% during Q2-2009, and reported that second-quarter sales in 2009 exceeded sales for the full-year 2008. (Link)

Wigix launched Craigster to publish items to Craigslist. Wigix spokesperson Steve Young said, "We believe in doing whatever we can so that our sellers are able to maximize their sales. Craigster is just another way for us to do that. We already have tools for sellers to publicize their items on Twitter and Facebook and now with Craigster, they have a localized option." (Link)

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