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Vendio Makes Platform Free for Auctiva's eBay Sellers

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Vendio is making a special offer to users of its rival, Auctiva, which will begin charging for its eBay listing tools beginning in July. Vendio spokesperson Crystal Wells-Miller said the Vendio Platform, which normally costs $10/month plus commission fees, will be completely free for Auctiva users through the end of the year, and will cost $10/month with no commission fees for the full year, 2010. The Vendio platform allows sellers unlimited listings on eBay and Amazon and also includes the company's Vendio Store offering, which is currently free for all users. The offer includes 2 GB of images (and unlimited free images for Vendio Store), templates and scheduling.

Auctiva announced last week that it was moving from a free model to a pay model in large part, it said, because of changes eBay was making. Auctiva had been able to provide free tools to sellers for the past 4 years because it had earned almost half of its revenue through the eBay affiliate program.

Auctiva sellers are mulling over their options of whether to stay with the company and pay fees, or switch to another inventory management service. Autiva is hosting webinars to discuss the changes.

Wells-Miller said she anticipates Vendio will publish this special offer as early as June 1st.

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