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eBay Alternatives: Bonanzle and Wigix Reach Milestones

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Wigix announced it has reached an excess of two million unique catalog items since its inception. The Wigix marketplace has also launched a photo-tagging feature that helps members easily identify products within their photos and display their portfolio of items in their Wigix photo albums and on their Facebook accounts. "Label Your Stuff" allows users to tag and caption photos of their possessions easily for insurance purposes, visual selling or for fun. Members can keep an inventory of household items in the case of insurance claims and quickly access Wigix' product information such as product manuals, reviews and videos just by uploading and tagging a picture of the product.

Wigix CEO and founder James Chong said, "We're constantly driving innovation, persistently looking for new ways as well as listening to the needs of our members to add richness to their overall Wigix experience. With Label Your Stuff, we are providing our sellers the ability to use a solutions-oriented sales approach. Our buyers, in turn, receive the added benefit of knowing which products work and look best together."

Meanwhile, Bonanzle announced this week that its one millionth unique item had been posted to the site, less than a year after the online marketplace launched. Bonanzle founder Bill Harding said the site's emphasis on a creating a highly social marketplace has been the key factor driving Bonanzle's growth. "I think that people want to feel free to be themselves. People want to share and listen to stories. Creating a pervasively open marketplace means that users tend to have a high level of trust in each other, and everybody is working together to help each other succeed. Our first priority is obviously to put sellers in a position to make as many sales as possible. But I think it's really the optimism and positivity, which is driven by less anonymity, that gives Bonanzle its addictive edge."

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