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Marketworks Honors Sellers at Awards Ceremony

By Company-Issued Press Release
June 19, 2007

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Boston, June 16, 2007 - For the third year in a row, Marketworks, a multi-channel e-commerce software solutions provider, recognized and thanked its customers during their annual Celebrating Seller Success awards ceremony at eBay Live!

Winners of this year's Marketworks Sellers awards were:

  • Multi-Channel Marketer of the Year: Will Land, Accessoryexport
  • Community Leader: John Langley, jon-langley
  • Storefront of the Year: Omid Torkian, fandimo.com
  • Email Marketer of the Year: Mutt Mart
  • Rookie of the Year, Bob Buchanan: AVForSale

Sales Growth Award - Stefan Von Imhof, Vista Products - http://www.vistaproducts.net

Will Land, Accessoryexport, this year's Multi-Channel Marketer of the Year has done extremely well selling through eBay, but took it up a notch and made an impressive impact on Amazon through Marketworks integration. He is using the Marketworks channel feed integration to encourage his web store sales, as well.

This year's Community Leader award goes to one of Marketworks' sellers in the UK, Jon Langley. Jon has been a Marketworks customer for over two years and has become a great resource on applying Marketworks functionality throughout his business and most recently established a Premium Web Store. Jon is a great asset to Marketworks as he is both a testimony of success with the Marketworks product and also serves as a mentor to their customer community on their forums.

This year's Storefront of the Year goes to a relatively new storefront, fandimo.com. It was created by business owner Omid Torkian, using Marketworks Google storefront templates. Omid has done a beautiful job in creating a clean design with items effectively organized into categories, special deal ads/promotions prominently displayed, as well as incorporating relevant and appealing images.

The winner of this year's Email Marketer of the Year award, Mutt Mart, used Marketworks Mail powered by ExactTarget to drive their pet supply business. Not only do they send out a large volume of emails to existing customers, they use effective promotional techniques along with a well-designed and branded email template to encourage conversion.

This year's Rookie of the Year, Bob Buchanan, AVForSale, started selling their used audio/visual equipment with Marketworks last fall and has experienced great success. They have quickly established themselves as one of eBay's top sellers in the audio/visual category.

The winner of the Sales Growth Award, Stefan Von Imhof, Vista Products, launched his electronics and gaming products with Marketworks in March 2006. After completing Marketworks' training, he quickly ramped up has and has nearly doubled the number of items he sells on eBay while drastically reducing his overall listing fees through Marketworks scheduling automation. He recently completed Marketworks' multi-channel training and is in the process of listing his inventory on Amazon. Additionally he is implementing a Pay-Per-Click campaign managed by Marketworks.

"There are over 4,000 businesses who use Marketworks as their ecommerce solution provider," said Paul Lundy, CMO of Marketworks. "With so many fine examples, it gets more difficult each year to select category winners. This year's winners are outstanding examples of what can be accomplish using Marketworks' technology and marketing services. We look forward to working with these sellers, along with all our customers, as they achieve continued business growth."

Marketworks offers one of the most comprehensive ecommerce solutions available in the market today, including:

  • Providing channel management and sales automation to the Internet's most popular shopping channels
  • Central inventory management and dashboards to monitor sales across all sales channels
  • A web store solution that comes standard with their software or an optional Premium Web Store designed for more sophisticated online sellers
  • Search engine marketing services including Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Award-winning design team for web stores and marketplace listing templates
  • Full customer training and education programs

For more information on Marketworks, visit http://www.marketworks.com.

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