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AuctionBytes Newsflash: Other Online Auction News, January 29, 2007

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Here is today's AuctionBytes online-auction news roundup.

"eBay Delisting All Auctions for Virtual Property," Posted by Zonk on Slashdot, 1/26/07

"Make me an offer: the eBay bid scam," Times, 1/28/07,,200-2570548,00.html

"Seller barred from eBay after claims of fake bids to boost price," By Alex Berry, Telegraph, 1/29/07

"Tax authorities are spidering the web," posted by Jack Schofield on the Guardian Technology Blog, 1/28/07

"Online auction site moving offices to Tilton," By Tracy Moss, The News-Gazette, 1/26/07

"Leading UK EBAY Solutions Provider Raises $1M Investment," company issued press release, posted on, 1/25/07

"Turn Unwanted Gifts into Cash,"'s Megan Tuohig appeared on a recent ivillagelive episode on television

"DAVOS: Microsoft To Set Up Online Payment System," by Adam Cohen, (Dow Jones Newswires), CNN Money, 1/28/07

"Open Doors: Web sites are making it easier for users to contribute their own content. That makes it easier for hackers, too," By VAUHINI VARA, Wall Street Journal, 1/29/07
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