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eBay Live Conference in Germany Postponed

By Mark O'Neill

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eBay Germany has confirmed to AuctionBytes that the planned eBay Live convention in Duesseldorf, Germany, originally scheduled for May 27 - 28 of this year, has now been postponed until "the first half of 2006."

According to information received from Nerses Chopurian, eBay Germany's Director of Corporate Communications, it was felt that due to eBay's 10th anniversary this year, many people from around the world, Germany included, would end up going to the main "Live" event in San Jose. Therefore, the eBay Germany event has been pushed back until next year.

The last time eBay Germany had a "Live" convention was in Berlin in 2003.

eBay has not yet confirmed any dates or locations for the rescheduled convention next year.

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Mark O'Neill is Managing Editor of the popular tech blog, He is a Scotsman, now living the ex-pat life in Wurzburg, Germany. You can also find him on MarkO'

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