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British TV Program to Feature eBay Entrepreneurs

By Mark O'Neill

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Are you an eBay entrepreneur with big ideas and plans for the future? Then a British television company wants to talk to you...

London-based "Ricochet" is making a programme on behalf of Britain's Channel 5. According to Ricochet's Catherine Ellis, the programme will take a look at people who have innovative and unique plans to make it big on eBay in the future as well as people who have discovered interesting and unusual niches on the internet auction site. The programme will also profile existing powersellers who have shot to eBay success within a few months of starting up.

The hour-long programme is being made to celebrate eBay's 10th anniversary this year, but no firm broadcast date has been fixed yet. Ms Ellis told AuctionBytes that they are already talking to silver and platinum powersellers, but no-one has been definitely chosen for the programme as yet.

Ricochet are therefore looking for people with large scale eBay business ideas and big and ambitious plans for the future. Do you think you have a great product to sell that is a missing niche on eBay? Then why not give your fledgling business idea a kick-start by being featured on national British TV? Just give Catherine or James a call on +44(0)207 251 6966 or email Catherine.ellis (at) . There's nothing like some free advertising on British TV to get that great eBay idea going...

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