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eBay Drop-off Service Offers Free FedEx Pickup

By Ina Steiner
July 13, 2004

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United Auction Brokers announced they are providing their "Exclusive at Home or Office eBay Auction Pickup Service" throughout the entire nation with the help of FedEx.

United Auction Brokers launched this month and is attempting to build a nationwide network of independent brokers who sell items on eBay for clients. The service capitalizes on the eBay drop-off store trend, but its brokers offer pick-up service rather than opening storefronts.

United Auction Brokers CEO Ray Whitmer said, "We have received an overwhelming response from around the nation to the announcement of our at home eBay pickup service. We have had many calls outside our current four-state service area requesting that we manage their eBay Auctions for them. In the markets where we don't currently have a United Auction Broker Agency to directly and personally serve our clients, we will now offer free pickup of the item at their home or office by FedEx."

United Auction Brokers is privately owned by the Whitmer family of Lexington, Kentucky.


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