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Resaleworld Launches Software for eBay Trading Assistants

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Resaleworld has launched software designed for eBay drop-off stores and Trading Assistants. TA2004 automates all functions related to working with multiple consignors and numerous products. It also enables eBay sellers to track their inventory, launch auctions, capture customer information, manage order fulfillment and do accounts payable.

"Many volume eBay sellers and particularly eBay dropoff stores operate much as typical offline retail or consignment stores," said Ed DiRuzza, president of Resaleworld. "Using our knowledge gathered from over a decade of serving the consignment industry, we created Trading Assistant 2004 to perform as a single, comprehensive tool that automates the many tasks of the online retailer."

Resaleworld was established in 1992 and specializes in software for consignment businesses, retail and trading assistants with a base of 5,000 users.

TA2004 operates on Windows 2000 or Windows XP Systems and can be used in a single user, multi-user or Wide Area Network environment. In addition to complete inventory and auction management, TA2004 can handle all the necessary consignment accounting functions, including variable rate splits, per item deductions, final value fee charges, graduated rate percentages, and complete order and shipping fulfillment. TA2004 can also be linked with most popular accounting software programs such as Quickbooks for users who require a fully-integrated accounting solution.

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