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Online Mall TIAS.com Acquires Collectoronline

By David Steiner
June 25, 2003

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Internet antique & collectible mall, TIAS.com, announced today that they have acquired CollectorOnline. Founded in 1995, CollectorOnline was one of the original online antiques malls and home to over 75 merchants.

The new Collectoronline (COL) mall is scheduled to relaunch on the Web on Wednesday June 25, 2003. Many aspects of the new COL, including the URL, will remain the same and the new site will retain much of its former graphics and branding. Many new additional features and services will be offered to both buyers and sellers on the new system.

"We are very excited to have the opportunity to work with the merchants and customers of CollectorOnline." said Phillip Davies President of TIAS.com "The new mall has some very sophisticated e-commerce and marketing features. We are also increasing the exposure of COL merchants, by distributing their merchandise over the entire TIAS distribution network."

Merchants will have the ability to easily move items from their COL store to eBay and Yahoo! auctions.

TIAS.com also owns and operates Curioscape.com, AntiqueArts.com and Earthling.com.



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