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Glass Dealers Devastated over Inventory Theft

By David Steiner
August 16, 2002

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Glass dealers David and Penny Renner made a startling discovery as they were leaving their Chalmette, Louisiana, hotel room last Sunday. Their green '93 Chevy Van and cargo trailer were missing from the hotel parking lot.

Not only did they have no way to get back to their home in Florida, but the contents of the trailer - a collection of Depression Glass 20 years in the making - was gone as well. The Renners, well-known in glass-collecting circles, were in the New Orleans suburb to exhibit at a local glass show, one of over 40 shows they participate in each year. The distraught couple called the New Orleans Police, but according to Ms. Renner, nobody showed up to investigate the complaint. "We finally had to file the complaint 3 hours later, by telephone."

The collection, valued at over 1/4 of a million dollars by Renner, included many rare pieces of Depression glass, worth several thousand dollars apiece. "There was an American Sweetheart Monax sugar & lid with original sticker, an American sweetheart lampshade in biege, a dark-stained Della Robbia Punch Set with 12 cups and a liner,” said David Renner. “These are very distinctive pieces."

The Renners are convinced that the person who stole their collection was aware of its value and may have followed them back to their hotel from the glass show. "We are hoping they will try to unload the glass at the flea markets around the area or take it to the local shops,” said Penny Renner. “They may try to sell it in pieces on eBay."

When AuctionBytes contacted the New Orleans police department, an officer explained that the case was being handled as an auto theft. When further questioned, the officer said that there was no mention of collectible glass in the report.

“That’s what makes it so frustrating,” said Penny Renner. "They just classified this as an Auto Theft. I don't care if they burn the vehicles, it's the merchandise we're concerned about."

The couple has put a list of items that were included in the collection at http://www.daverenner.com and have sent out emails to glass collecting groups asking people to keep an eye out for specific pieces. If anyone has information about the theft, they can contact the Renners at (352)564-8886.

David Renner said the collection was not insured. "Here I am at 65 having to start over instead of relaxing and enjoying life."

About the author:

David Steiner is President of Steiner Associates LLC, publisher of EcommerceBytes.com and the EveryPlaceISell.com merchant directory. David, a former television producer, handles business development and advertising for EcommerceBytes. You can reach him at dsteiner@ecommercebytes.com

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