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Latest Ecommerce News - June 02, 2017

Amazon Opens Fulfillment Center in Georgia
Amazon announced plans for a new fulfillment center in Georgia. The 850,000 square-foot facility will be used to store and ship large items for customers including household furniture, sporting equipment, and gardening tools.

Walmart Employees to Drop Off Packages on Way Home
Walmart announced a new test in which it will have employees drop off orders on their way home from work. Marc Lore, President and CEO of Walmart US eCommerce, said the retailer could cut shipping costs and get packages to their final destinations faster and more efficiently.

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NEW! From the Editor - May 14, 2017
(May 14, 2017, Issue #402)
The month of May brought plenty of surprises in the online marketplace space. Etsy had a management shakeup as it faces pressure from an activist investor who has advised it to consider putting itself up for sale, and eBay announced a surprise Summer Seller Update. See what else is new and take a look at today's lineup.

NEW! Shipscript Offers Help with eBay Active Content
(May 14, 2017, Issue #402)
eBay is disabling active content in all listings beginning next month. A longtime developer of eBay tools has created some special tools to make sure sellers are prepared for eBay's mandate. Shipscript has put together information about what's changing and how to prepare for the changes ahead.

NEW! Amazon Sales Tax Deal May Tax FBA Sellers
(May 14, 2017, Issue #402)
As of April 1st, Amazon began collecting sales tax for first-party online transactions for all 45 states that impose such taxes. But where does that leave third-party sellers, including those who sell through Fulfillment By Amazon? Experts from two vendors that offer tax-collection services weigh in on the issue.

NEW! Which Sellers Can Benefit from On-Demand Fulfillment?
(May 14, 2017, Issue #402)
In an age when people use on-demand services like Uber rather than committing to car ownership, perhaps it's not surprising to see a logistics company spring up to do on-demand fulfillment for online merchants. But can outsourcing packaging and shipping pay off for sellers?

NEW! Collectors Corner: How the Internet Changed Collecting
(May 14, 2017, Issue #402)
The Internet has changed collecting in profound ways thanks to its geographic reach and price transparency. Michele Alice reminds us of the old days when we relied on yard sales and rummage sales to satisfy our collecting urges without the ability to call up recent sales data with the tap of a few keys.

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