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My Auction Gallery Review

User: 1234Date: Tue Oct 31 03:22:46 20061162282966

User: rodwilDate: Fri Apr 22 19:37:42 20051114213062

User: bellasnonnaDate: Fri Apr 16 10:07:07 20041082124427
If you are thinking about a Gallery, look no further! "MY Auction Gallery" is the best money can buy.They are caring people who run a very professional business and when you need support, they are THERE! Highly recommended!!!!!!

User: bobwilleyDate: Fri Apr 16 00:08:33 20041082088513
I have been using Auction Gallery for about a year now.  It is a great way to present the items I am selling on eBay to my customer base.  Very professional presentation and the users love it.  What more can you ask for?  And they are great to work with.

User: sharplinedesignsDate: Fri Apr 2 20:21:10 20041080955270
I have been with MAG for several years and they keep getting better and better.  Their customer service and communications are so far ahead of the competition it is unbelievable.  I am glad to see they are growing and I know that my business will grow along with them.  Thank You MAG and Steve.        April----Sharplinedesigns

User: foxrenardDate: Fri Oct 3 10:23:34 20031065191014

User: 4jewelryloversDate: Mon Jul 28 17:22:08 20031059430928
I am a new member and actually use several gallery's.  However, I've found My Auction Gallery to be the best.  They've recently updated their site and it is better - when it was already great.  They have by far the nicest, most variable selection of backgrounds and options that you can use.  And it's free!  In the beginning, I even had problems with my images (as I was constantly upgrading my templates).  They were quick to respond and took care of everything for me

User: gregmalaDate: Thu Jul 17 20:41:01 20031058492461
I have found MAG to be the best picture gallery service available today.  My ebay sales increased immediately upon registering with them.  I have been with MAG for almost 2 years and their customer service is TOP NOTCH.  The gallery offers many features.  You can select from many beautiful background designs and colors.  You also can monitor how many people are looking at your gallery and I find this feature most favourable. The Gallery is easy and fun to work with. &nbs

User: sassy1122Date: Sat Jul 12 23:05:57 20031058069157
Ever since I have been using MAG my sales have probably doubled.  ALL of my customers just LOVE to shop using MAG.  I get nothing but compliments when buyers are shopping through MAG. MAG is by far the BEST auction gallery program that is available!  I'm so glad to have found it and so will anyone else who tries it!!  This is certainly an opportunity not to miss out on!

User: expartbyreneeDate: Sat Jul 12 13:22:08 20031058034128
I've been with MAG going on two years..and as an artist who wants images presented in the nicest presentation and quickly too, I must say MAG ranks far above all other similar services. The gallery page can be customized and the loading time is split second, not like some galleries with the slow, cumbersome loading.The service is personalizied too, if you have a problem, just email them,,you do here from a REAL person (Steve) and your problem is handled promptly in all cases. You won't go wrong

User: justify2meDate: Mon Jul 7 20:43:08 20031057628588
What is most outstanding about this service is the great support! There is really no better on the 'net.

The galleries are beautiful, and can be customized. Very few galleries will give your listing a size of thumbnail that really shows your stuff. This one has thumbnails large enough to see, but small enough to load quickly.

User: latoldyDate: Wed Jul 2 19:21:47 20031057191707
These Guys are the BEST! Super customer service in every way. Wonderful photos in larger sizes has greatly increased my auction bids. Super easy to use and gets super results. You can ALWAYS count on them to help in every way super speedy results and absolutely the BEST.

User: WYwildDate: Sun Jun 29 10:43:02 20031056901382
My MAG GALLERY Presentation is Awesome! The Amazing Variety of Gallery Backgrounds, Themes and Font Colors allows users to Customize their Gallery with Spectacular Results! Simple "Click & Create" lets Gallery Users show their Individuality and Present their items in a COLORFUL and Distictive way! Change your Gallery with the Seasons or your Mood! I get Written Applause from my Buyers! I am Ecstatic having Discovered Mag and Proud to be a Member of their Team! Wouldn't want to Sell without it!

User: yoohoo55Date: Sat Jun 28 12:37:35 20031056821855
I have only the highest praise for the quality and presentation offered by MAG, and appreciate their large variety of choices, plus the ease of use. I always enjoy reviewing the finished look of the page of my eBay listings. I have also received compliments, as well as sales from people who follow my listing page link to MAG. Again: A+++++!

User: JojisubeDate: Thu Jun 26 21:35:32 20031056681333
This is a WONDERFUL service that has helped my business tremendously! My buyers find it very user friendly......and so do I.  Support is first rate and very prompt.  I find this to be a very valuable service and a MUST HAVE for any eBay seller.  

User: codyArtDate: Thu Jun 26 18:36:43 20031056670603
EXCELLENT!!  Every time i email the link to My Auction Gallery BIDS HAPPEN.......  EVERY TIME!!!!!!!  There is nothing on the net that can compare in service, quality of product or results.  THE VERY BEST AUCTION TOOL and  an excellent marketing format for any web site.  

User: 12345Date: Thu Jun 26 17:30:12 20031056666612
Shorty after joining My Auction Gallery my auction sales doubled on ebay and have now become a power seller, The Gallery tech, support is great always ready to help anyway they can and answer any questions.  The best thing that ever happened to this seller. Bidders are always e-mailing how great it is to use the My Auction Gallery to check the items all at once.....I recommend this service to everyone, even my sister joined!!!

User: SKINNYGINNYKITTIESDate: Thu Jun 26 16:52:36 20031056664356

User: jerziteDate: Thu Jun 26 14:06:16 20031056654376
I have been with My Auction Gallery a long time, just about since they started. I use there service for my Ebay auctions. They have been very professional, and super explanitory, emails are returned immediately, they have always been very personable and that means EVERYTHING to me.
I get more hits than ever before.
I send My Gallery link to all my customers once a week, and im always receiving compliments about how wonderful and professional it looks. There prices are SUPER reasonable, im

User: potterwanabeDate: Thu Jun 26 14:01:44 20031056654104
I have absolutely nothing negative at all to say about My Auction's a GREAT service!!  It has enabled my eBay business to skyrocket into the Power Seller status...and I'm SO grateful for the great support by the MAG Staff!  Very user friendly, affordable, and an all-around great selling tool!

User: artistnowDate: Thu Jun 26 13:44:26 20031056653066
MY ART GALLERY is something that has increased my business by leaps and bounds, it gives a bigger picture than on the auction site, and it gives the name of the person bidding, and the price, and when you list, all you have to do is copy and paste the MAG BUTTON html, which they give you, in the description and the bidder can click on it and SEE ALL OF YOUR AUCTIONS, ON ONE PAGE, i usually have over 100 listed, this thing is GREAT GREAT GREAT,,,and the people are really about the most helpful of

User: kycarolDate: Thu Jun 26 13:42:32 20031056652952

User: jparrisDate: Thu Jun 26 13:16:26 20031056651386
Great imaging exposure for items for sale.  Easy to view and compare.  The best bucks I spend online!  Highly recommended for auction sellers!!