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Tue Nov 14 2017 10:49:25

eBay's New Seller Tool Interferes with Shopping Cart

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
Just had an eBay buyer contact me to say he could not request a total while using the shopping cart. He said the request total button was greyed out. 

I had a look at the eBay community forum and others have discussed this very phenomenon. It seems that if I put an item on sale through the mark-down manager, it interferes with the shopping cart logic in this manner. 

There is no way that this can be intended functionality; it must be a glitch. I believe the complexity of their rules based-logic is having unintended consequences and I have to wonder what else is broken, that we don't even know about. I just lost a sale (and eBay lost FVFs) over this issue.

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Perminate Link for eBay's New Seller Tool Interferes with Shopping Ca   eBay's New Seller Tool Interferes with Shopping Ca

by: angryllama This user has validated their user name.

Tue Nov 14 18:48:54 2017

OK, yes, lots is malfunctioning with eBay.  ( I have a problem with MESSAGING today.)  ALL those problems aside.... your letter isn't clear as to whether your Would-Be Buyer had placed the requisite TWO... NON-IDENTICAL line items in their CART.   The Buyer cannot request an invoice unless / until they have TWO or MORE non-identical line items IN their cart from YOU.
100 items, but only ONE of them from YOU will never let that GRAY link change to solid blue and become functional.  

Perminate Link for eBay's New Seller Tool Interferes with Shopping Ca   eBay's New Seller Tool Interferes with Shopping Ca

by: Jono99 This user has validated their user name.

Thu Nov 16 04:37:47 2017

Hi David....This is because eBay is enforcing immediate payment on (some but not all) sellers. It has nothing to do with the markdown manager. The tick box for immediate payment becomes dysfunctional meaning customers can not combine purchases unless the buyer is successful with two or more best offers or wins a couple of auctions. Buy it now no longer allows combined purchases when eBay override the tick box for immediate payment. My sales have dropped 55% over two years since they enforced it on my account. This is all mentioned in "Bob's blog" Just google Bob’s Blog: Bringing More Buyers and Sales to You in 2017 & read the comments from disgusted sellers.

In the blog he says ....A few things you may encounter that we’re currently testing:

Fewer unpaid items: To reduce unpaid items for all sellers, more transactions require buyers to “Confirm and Pay” immediately. Unless the buyer pays, your listing isn’t ended and your inventory quantity isn’t reduced.

This instantly KILLED all overseas multiple purchases stone dead. I have not sold more than one item to an overseas customer in 2 years since they enforced immediate payment... this is obviously because customers do not want to pay postage on items that can be dispatched together for the same price. So buyers just move on thinking the seller is unreasonable & trying to overcharge on postage thus damaging the sellers reputation forever as now I am known for not combining purchases. This catastrophic decision has no sane business logic whatsoever & has been called a "test" by Bob in his blog. Yet this test has been ongoing for more than 2 years on my account & has damaged my reputation forever.

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