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Tue May 22 2012 10:49:15

eBay Changes DSR Report as It Works to Update Seller Dashboard

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
Well, eBay has done it again - they changed things around. This time however, they are apologizing in advance. Note now sellers cannot get their monthly DSR reports which used to be in the "Daily performance" tab below.

Now you don't know which month you got "dinged".

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eBay Changes DSR Report as It Works to Update Sell   eBay Changes DSR Report as It Works to Update Sell

by: GetOverIt This user has validated their user name.

Tue May 22 11:52:38 2012

Or you could just click the link that is in two places ...

eBay Changes DSR Report as It Works to Update Sell   eBay Changes DSR Report as It Works to Update Sell

by: tkg This user has validated their user name.

Tue May 22 12:20:11 2012

I have never seen a website that changes their layouts more than Ebay.  Its really ridiculous.  Besides the link to run reports missing.  The search pages have changed yet again.

So much for making a buyer comfortable with the site.  Seems like once a month something major has changed.  Ebay likes to try to make themselves more like Amazon...yet I rarely have noticed webpage layout changes on Amazon.  

Glad too see all the high fees I pay being put to useless work. All these unnecessary changes constantly.  It would be nice to see them fix something that is ACTUALLY broken for a change.

eBay Changes DSR Report as It Works to Update Sell   eBay Changes DSR Report as It Works to Update Sell

This user has validated their user name. by: Anonymous Annie

Tue May 22 18:05:17 2012

I avoid the ''dashboard'' as much as I possibly can. As long as my publicly visible DSR scores are all 5's... then that's all I need to know.

It's just too depressing (and damned irritating) to see a random non-5 score show up... at some vague and non-specific time in the past.

Things like that are of ABSOLUTELY NO HELP to me! The information is old, outdated, anonymous... there's no way it can help me to ''become a better seller'' if it doesn't let me know which transaction, or which listing, or which item was ''sub-standard''.

eBay's justification for allowing buyers to post this type of information anonymously escapes me. Considering the fact that sellers can no longer leave any sort of ''retaliatory'' feedback... the buyers are perfectly insulated and protected. There should be NO REASON AT ALL for eBay to NOT let us know the who-what-when-where-and-why.

If sellers are going to be punished (or shut down) as a result of the content of these seller scores, then goodgodalmighty, we simply MUST KNOW what's being said so that we can re-examine our business practices, or listing habits... or even the BRANDS we sell.

Of course, if the purpose of these delayed and and useless DSRs are intended to piss-me-off. Then eBay has succeeded!

For me to be concerned about my DSR's is an exercise in futility. So any changes eBay makes to this area of the site is of no interest to me.

OTOH... if eBay ever decides to give us some more granularity and specific details that are more meaningful... then someone please let me know. Seriously! Give me a heads-up. I often go for MONTHS without viewing that section.

eBay Changes DSR Report as It Works to Update Sell   eBay Changes DSR Report as It Works to Update Sell

by: used2luv2sell This user has validated their user name.

Tue May 22 21:04:21 2012


Thank you so much for the chuckle!

I wish Ebay would change their DSR's to be INVISIBLE!  That's the only change the DSR system needs.  I don't mean the fake - you can't tell who left the fb - I mean, disappear.  Any magicians out there?

eBay Changes DSR Report as It Works to Update Sell   eBay Changes DSR Report as It Works to Update Sell

This user has validated their user name. by: Ric

Tue May 22 23:19:35 2012

Checked our dashboard yesterday and it showed 100% of our listings were in compliance with 1 Day handling and 14 day returns.

Checked our dashboard earlier tonight and it now shows only 80% are in compliance.

None of our listings have been edited as we have been offering 1 Day handling and 14 Day returns of months so obviously THERE IS SOMETHING SERIOUSLY WRONG.

As is the case more often than not, eBay just can not seem to get a program up and running without serious glitches. The quality of data programming at eBay is simply horrendous.

Perhaps there are more executives at eBay with phony computer science and engineering degrees.

The issue leads one to question how sellers can rely on eBay's system when at any given time the system may reflect totally and completely inaccurate information.

Under the new system, it appears that eBay can stack the deck against sellers at will, force sellers to audit their own listings and contest the data eBay is displaying on the dashboard.

The situation is simply outrageous and sellers should have no confidence in eBay's ability to manage and compile their own data as it applies to maintaining discounts.

There is a profit motive for eBay to allow incorrect data to be reflected on seller dashboards and where profits are concerned, eBay can never be trusted to get it right.

eBay Changes DSR Report as It Works to Update Sell   eBay Changes DSR Report as It Works to Update Sell

by: spirit-of-shiloh This user has validated their user name.

Wed May 23 00:38:37 2012

I triple hate DSR's and I work very hard for all 5's,no negs or neutrals.I am a TRS,and ship next day,14 day return unless an expensive antique,then I give 30 days so if the buyer wants they can get a second opinion. So far so good.I hope I didn't just JINX myself?:(

eBay Changes DSR Report as It Works to Update Sell   eBay Changes DSR Report as It Works to Update Sell

by: Bloggo This user has validated their user name.

Wed May 23 00:52:22 2012

Anonymous Annie  is correct. The seller dashboard is useless.

eBay Changes DSR Report as It Works to Update Sell   eBay Changes DSR Report as It Works to Update Sell

by: Lois payne This user has validated their user name.

Wed May 23 07:21:25 2012

I have been active on ebay for 13 years.    I have been a top rated seller and a power seller with  a premium ebay store.     I am better than just a good seller....I am a GREAT seller on ebay.    I honestly care that each person is delighted with whatever they get from me on ebay.   I watch the changes on Ebay and assume that they are striving to keep Ebay  a fun and safe place to buy and sell.   And then.......and Ebay Nightmare begins:  

In June 2011, I learned that my sister who lives 600 miles from me  was diagonised with Cholanglocarclnoma.   So I had to put my premium store on vacation settings and rushed to be with her.   My vacation settings were turned on, my Premium store was temporarily closed but I still had to pay  $125.00 per month to Ebay because as the Ebay Rep explained-- the items are still there even if my store is not active.   After a few weeks, I receive a notice from Ebay that my POWERSELLER status has been removed.   I called Ebay to explain  my family medical emergency and the customer service rep (CSR) seemed  very concerned and suggests that I can save a lot of money by switching from a premium store to a basic store.    I really appreciated her help especially at such a horrific time in my life.    

What a Joke / What a LIE!   I was stunned when I glanced at my account summary to see that  my  Ebay bill for my inactive store had more than DOUBLED in only a few days!     I immediately called Ebay support  and another  CSR apologized for the 'error'  and  after another hour for so -- she did  remove the additional fees and changed the  BASIC  store back to back to the PREMIUM  store.    How upsetting it is to be told one thing and then the exact OPPOSITE happens.      But this time the CSR assures me that my Ebay store is back to my original PREMIUM $49.95  store where items are billied at 5 cents per item per month  (x 1200 listings) instead of a BASIC $15.95  (x 1200 listings)  store where the items are billed at 20 cents per item per month.    How sad that all of this happens at the same exact time that my sister is getting worse.  I am still angry about the time it took to deal with these issues on  Ebay instead of being able to enjoy the time I had left with my sister.    But at least, my store settings were restored to the original settings.  

My sister died on December 4th  and  I return back home  on December 10th  and removed my vacation settings from my Ebay store the following day.      I have the same 1200 items in my store that were listed before I turned on the vacation settings.   But something is not right.   My store is invisible -- my listings do not even appear when I do a search.   I call Ebay and learn that my Ebay store is once again a BASIC store instead of a Premium store.   I told the CSR  I was absolutely sure  that I had a premium store and he told me that he was sure it was basic.   And then he changed the settings once again to PREMIUM store settings.  

Only a couple days pass when I have to call customer support again and was told once again that I do NOT have a Premium Store.     I told him how my store was changed by an Ebay Rep to basic was was restored to the original PREMIUM settings only 2 days earlier.      He casually informs me that I am now a BELOW STANDARD  seller and do not  qualify for a Premium Store.  Surely he is mistaken!!!   I have been selling on Ebay for 13 years, with over 3000 feedbacks and my feedback is 100% positive.   How is it possible that I am below standard?   This CSR is not friendly or nice as he rudely informs me that FOUR different buyers have given me the lowest scores for ITEM AS DESCRIBED category.    He explained that the CSR did change my store to premium settings but an automated program reduced it to a basic store because I am a BELOW STANDARD seller on Ebay.   I explain that I have 100% positive feedback -- surely he is mistaken--- and he explains that Ebay does not care about Feedback scores---Only the DSR (detailed seller ratings) count.   Positive feedback now means nothing at all to Ebay --- only negative feedback counts against a seller and the positive feedback is not even considered.   I learn that not only do I pay FOUR times as much for each of my listings - but I no longer show up in a search.   All because I am now 'below standard' in this secret star rating system.  It is very hard for me to believe that I have FOUR different  items with low scores in  ITEM AS DESCRIBED category.   But Yes, he assures me that four DIFFERENT buyers have given me the very lowest ratings possible for  'ITEM AS DESCRIBED' category.  But each of these four buyers actually typed out Positive feedback for me and  everyone  else to read.   Now why would a buyer consider an item is NOT AS DESCRIBED and then leave positive feedback for me as a seller?   I am stunned that the Ebay customer service rep thinks  this is perfectly normal for buyers to leave low DSR scores for ITEM AS DESCRIBED and then leave glowing feedback for the seller.  He suggested that maybe the transactions were good in other ways other than the ITEM AS DESCRIBED category.   But if the item is NOT AS DESCRIBED---does the one day free shipping even matter?  

So naturally,  my next question to the CSR  is which buyers left the low DSR scores for me.   He smugly explains that I am not allowed to know which items or which buyers left the low DSRs .  But I should check my SELLER DASHBOARD to see how I'm doing.   He shows me how to get to the Seller Dashboard where I can see for myself where these low DSRS are secretly being kept.  

He instructs me to click on  'MY EBAY'  and select the 'Account'  tab.    Then select the  'Seller Dashboard' from a drop down menu.  Close the pop ups and scroll down below the Summary, Seller Performance Numbers, Buyer Protection Cases, Your Lifetime Transaction and Your Performance  categories and then click on the tiny blue link  'view your performance'.   I click on the words 'view your performance' and close the pop ups that appear when when the new page loads.   He continues to instruct me  on how to get to the secret places inside my dashboard.   First I click on DAILY PERFORMANCE tab at the top of the page but after closing the pop ups it appears I'm right back to the beginning of the Seller Dashboard again with the same graph.  He assures me that I am heading in the right direction.   Just scroll down until I find the tiny blue link that says  'View 12 Month Trending Data'.  The page opens up and its just another version of the same graph I've seen several times getting to this page.    Now Click on the tiny link at the top that reads:  'by count'.   And now I can see the low  DSR scores that were left for me by month.    But there are only 3 low scores for the ITEM AS DESCRIBED category.   I am actually  allowed to have 3 low DSRs for this category but he keep insists  there are 4 instead of 3 because one low DSR for ITEM AS DESCRIBED is only visible to him and ebay.    You must have 10 DRS scores per month for them to show up to the seller.  

I just cannot imagine receiving an item NOT AS DESCRIBED and then giving the seller positive feedback.  In my experience, the buyer will certainly let the seller know right away if the item is not as described. But according to Ebay and the Secret loq DSR's I have received - each of these four buyers bothered to leave me POSITIVE feedback for the transactions.  

I call back to get another CSR just  to confirm what he told me is true.   This friendly CSR begins to suggest ways to improve my DSR scores.    She happens to be a seller as well as a Ebay CSR and  says that she makes a real cute card that is put in every box.   She said she thanks them for the purchase and explains that DSR scores are very important and she strives for a five star rating.   I wrote it down word for word to make up cute cards to put in my own packages.  Then she suggests that I offer FREE SHIPPING and also suggests that I  sell my items at a loss to get more sales which is another way to get the low DSR scores to fall off.  She suggests  selling a lot of stuff for any amount whatsoever and maybe that will help my ebay store.   She has no idea how many items I need to sell or how long I will need to do this in order to get rid of my BELOW STANDARD status.    I asked her about closing my store completely and she informs me that if I close my Ebay store that I will never qualify for another store again.  

I do try to increase my sales on Ebay by accepting much lower prices on my items.   But when I try to pay my Fed Ex bill for the shipping of these items, I found out that my funds were being held for up to 21 days.  My Pay pal account had over $800 dollars of my money and I was not able to use any of  the funds at all for any reason, even to ship my ebay items or pay my Ebay bill.    YIKES how am I supposed to ship the packages to the buyers if Ebay is holding all my funds?  

I begin removing  items from my store but  my ebay bill continues to rise anyway.  I call Customer Support and learn  Ebay now charges  a final value fee for the cost of shipping the item in addition to the selling price of the item.   I also notice that some of my items are being billed with a sub title charge of 1.50 per item where there is no sub title at all.  The words 'sub title' appear in the sub title field.      Another hour and a half  spent with a CSR and at least  got some of the fake subtitle charges removed from my bill.  

I feel as if there is something very dishonest going on with these new policies and practices.   Could this be just a way to quadruple the selling fees without letting the seller know that its happening?  I no longer feel safe on Ebay.

I did a google search and learned that it is very easy for any seller to see the Detailed Seller Ratings left by the buyers.    Finally,  I can now see every single one of the DSR ratings that every buyer has left for me.   One item with low ratings  was a mint set of pyrex bowls.  I had gotten very nice feedback for this transaction so  I emailed this  buyer and asked if there was a problem.   She said NO PROBLEMS AT ALL -- that she was very pleased with the purchase from me.    Ebay's policy says that I am not allowed to even ask her about the low DSR scores she left for me.   But I honestly do not think that this buyer left me low DSR ratings for this transaction.    Another  low DSR was from a buyer who has a history of feedback abuse --this buyer has learned that its easy to purchase an item from Ebay, keep the item and get a complete refund for the item including the original shipping.   I gave this buyer a complete refund, allowed her to keep the item  AND then left a positive feedback for the transaction. Looking at her "FEEDBACK LEFT FOR OTHERS" shows a history of using the new buyer protection policies to purchase items on Ebay for free and then resell the items on Ebay.     Another Ebay CSR tells me that the DSR's will remain for an entire year on my account  even if they are mistakes, completely untrue or even if a buyer just uses the system to get items for free.  The DSR ratings which are destroying good sellers on Ebay do not need to be fair or true at all.        

Finally I got a very nice CRS who was very sympathetic to my situation.    She told me that she was going to appeal my case for me.   She said that I must get a death certificate for my sister and a signed statement from Hospice showing  the dates that I was her primary caretaker during her 4 month battle with cancer and then  fax the documents to her.    I managed to get the documents she asked me to get and faxed them to her as she requested.   I never heard from Customer Service Representive Jamie Wong again.    It was sometime in March when another CSR told me that my appeal had been denied weeks earlier and admitted that someone should have notified me.  

As a last resort, I sent a letter to John Donohoe.   Someone from Donohoe's  office called me at home, said they were sorry for my sister's death.  Once again he refunded the higher fees for the items that I removed from Ebay as soon as the CSR told me that I was back to basic.   He  told me that there was Nothing more that could be done to help  and sent me a 25.00 Ebay gift card.   I will remain a Below Standard Seller and my funds will continue to be held.    

My husband who has sat on the sidelines  while all of this is happening is convinced that by using secret ratings that ebay is deliberately knocking off sellers to bump up the seller fees to increase their cash flow.    Charging a final value fee on the shipping is also another trick to steal from the sellers to pocket more money.     He wants me to leave Ebay because of the unethical or illegal practices.  

eBay Changes DSR Report as It Works to Update Sell   eBay Changes DSR Report as It Works to Update Sell

by: Theresa This user has validated their user name.

Wed May 23 08:01:08 2012

Dear Lois, I am so, so sorry for your loss.  It is incomprehensible that your business partner (insert sarcasm here) would treat you this way during such a sad and difficult time in your life.

Words cannot explain the rage I felt when reading your story.  If I weren't an eBay seller and avid reader of this blog, I would not have been able to comprehend nor believe your story.  But alas, as a long-term eBay seller and avid reader of this blog, I know you speak the truth.

As a human being, I truly do  not understand how eBay can treat others this way.  I know Ming's Law is correct, but seriously, is there no one there with a heart and common sense?  No one???

eBay Changes DSR Report as It Works to Update Sell   eBay Changes DSR Report as It Works to Update Sell

by: Theresa This user has validated their user name.

Wed May 23 08:15:12 2012

In regards to eBay's reporting tool.....I have two notifications on my ebay summary page - one regarding how many listings I need to edit to get the TRS discount, the other how many items are missing item specific information.  Although I have done nothing to these listings, the numbers change almost every time I refresh my page.  For example, yesterday morning ''revise item specifics'' count was over 400, by afternoon it was at 350.

And yesterday, I was browsing through a seller's store and then decided to search elsewhere on eBay for what I needed.  So I entered my keywords in the ''search'' bar and got zero results.  I finally realized that when you are in a seller's store, there is no longer an open search box for ''all'' ebay items on the page - only a search within that seller's listings.  Now how dumb is that?

It does not take an IT specialist or even a first grader to figure out that since eBay cannot figure out simple page issues, the system randomly crashes for a few hours, phantom items are mysteriously relisted in my store, ad nauseam, that my monthly invoice is calculated correctly.  It is simply not possible that their system is capable of accurately calculating fees given the numerous variables that impact the numbers.  Wouldn't you think a ''technology'' company would take some of the Ho's ridiculous $16 million salary to hire some competent programmers?

I grow more and more disillusioned every day....and quietly send more and more boxes to Amazon FBA every day.

eBay Changes DSR Report as It Works to Update Sell   eBay Changes DSR Report as It Works to Update Sell

by: fvh This user has validated their user name.

Wed May 23 09:03:49 2012

Theresa, You hit the nail on the head: Send your stuff to Amazon FBA or simply list it on their site if that's your preference. Amazon isn't perfect, but they ARE fair and employ human beings to answer their phones. Buck eFay and their heartless minions!

eBay Changes DSR Report as It Works to Update Sell   eBay Changes DSR Report as It Works to Update Sell

by: JoJo This user has validated their user name.

Wed May 23 09:05:29 2012

Just makes me glad I sell elsewhere.  It's funny though, I'm still compelled to read the eBay stuff.  It's kind of like the car wreck you really don't want to see but can't help but look at.

eBay Changes DSR Report as It Works to Update Sell   eBay Changes DSR Report as It Works to Update Sell

by: LSP This user has validated their user name.

Wed May 23 11:03:58 2012

Lois, the ordeal you've described is like a horrible nightmare you cannot wake up from. And I sympathize with you. I have been in similar situations with other companies. Lately, it was Cox Communications. Another greedy, incompetent outfit.

This is not the way it should be. But this is what happens to good people when greed is in control.

eBay Changes DSR Report as It Works to Update Sell   eBay Changes DSR Report as It Works to Update Sell

by: zvicki This user has validated their user name.

Thu May 24 21:34:07 2012

OMG!Lois I am so sorry. This is the worst story I've ever heard - and I have heard an awful lot of them re: ebay.
Take care of you and stay as far away from these fools and incompetants as you can! They don't deserve you!

eBay Changes DSR Report as It Works to Update Sell   eBay Changes DSR Report as It Works to Update Sell

This user has validated their user name. by: TheCheapSkirt

Fri May 25 23:31:18 2012


I had the a similar issue.  I am 100% in compliance and have been for months, but now my dashboard says only 85.71% of my listings offer 1-day handling and 14-day money back return policy.  

I called ebay and asked them which listings were not in compliance, as every one I saw currently and back to the date of the review and even before that qualified.

The rep could not tell me which one.  He said if I saw that every one of my listings was in compliance, to go with that information and ignore what the Seller Dashboard says.

He said it is not working properly.

I said I was concerned that it work properly when the switch is made in June.  He said he "hoped" it was.

Yes, this is what our bill is being calculated on.  "Hope".

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