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Wed May 16 2012 15:09:36

PayPal Payment Holds Contribute to Phishing?

By: Reader
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Dear Ina,
Reading the article below, I suddenly put 2 and 2 together and realized that PayPal's payment hold policy may be the reason account holders become victims of phishing schemes.

Link to Sophisticated Bogus PayPal Emails Lead to Phishing

It is no secret that PayPal will limit accounts over with an extremely wide range of excuses to justify their actions. The wide spread nature of these account holds and the public outcry when they are imposed would seem to assure the success of these scams.

If PayPal account holds were not as frequent as they are, account holders might be more suspicious when they receive these phishing emails and fewer would fall for them. Since users are well aware of PayPal's propensity to seize and hold funds, the fear factor plays right into the schemers hands enabling their fraudulent efforts a higher level of success.

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PayPal Payment Holds Contribute to Phishing?   PayPal Payment Holds Contribute to Phishing?
This user has validated their user name. by: Anonymous Annie
Thu May 17 07:39:29 2012
I've set up a filter in my email program that helps me to avoid receiving any of these phishing emails.

Basically the filter does two things... if the sender is from ''paypal.com'' AND if it contains my registered PP name, then it's allowed... and the message gets sorted to my in-box.

If the message claims to be from any address at ''paypal.com'' AND the body does NOT CONTAIN my real name, then it gets sorted into the trash.

This is not a perfect solution... especially if someone is ''spear-phishing'' (where the sender already knows my real name... and doesn't need to use generic phrasing such as ''dear user'' or ''dear customer'') so diligence and common-sense on my part is still needed.

Nevertheless, this simple measure really does help to eliminate 99.999% of the phishing attempts. It keeps my blood pressure and my heart-rate lower. I no longer have any more of those panicky ''OH-NO! WHAT NOW?!'' moments while trying to find out of the PP email is a fake.
PayPal Payment Holds Contribute to Phishing?   PayPal Payment Holds Contribute to Phishing?
by: biddude This user has validated their user name.
Fri May 18 01:07:28 2012
I used to report phishing attempts to Paypal I stopped because Paypal would lock my account for suspicious activity for undetermined amounts of time punishing me for trying to let them know that this was going on I can pretty much tell by now when its a scammer The emails are pretty obvious to me but I will not report it anymore because of this
PayPal Payment Holds Contribute to Phishing?   PayPal Payment Holds Contribute to Phishing?
by: the-timekeepers This user has validated their user name.
Fri May 18 13:41:14 2012
I also have learned the hard way never to report the PayPal phishing spam. All it does is gives them a reason to put a hold on your account for an extended period. You must pay close attention to any email regarding paypal and sort it yourself. Never never never go to paypal for help. Guaranteed you will regret it.

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