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Sun May 13 2012 14:09:40

eBay Still Has Search Problems

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
Another update on the eBay search problem. For me they started on February 20 and still have not been fixed.

I am a very heavy eBay user. I run about a thousand bookmarked searches every week. Some people think that eBay is optimizing search for mobile phones, which is causing problems for laptops and desktops. Some people blame hackers.

Whatever the reason, search has been a real mess for me ever since Feb 20. Before February 20 I had no problems. I've used different browsers and different computers, and the problems are across the board, so to speak.

Here is a latest discussion (on the eBay discussion board). See other discussions on the (eBay) technical issues board.


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eBay Still Has Search Problems   eBay Still Has Search Problems

by: pace306 This user has validated their user name.

Sun May 13 18:38:22 2012

Copied from my post on eBay..

My friends ...

Your arent getting any refunds and theres ''nothing'' wrong with eBays search engine.

Is there grounds for a CLASS ACTION SUIT - yes ... but whom amongst we users has the money and time?  (eBay know this!)

Why am I saying this?

I will quote eBays own Noah Hershman who now has the job at eBay as ''senior director/chief merchant at eBay''.

''Getting in on the ground floor (with the PRO Buying groups) will help those dealers get HIGHER PRIORITY on product searches, while helping eBay develop its categories and change its image as striktly an auction site.''

When the guy in charge says hes helping specific groups of people ONLY - believe him - he means it - its why he was hired. JD said the same thing in a closed door meeting at the CES show in January  (no press was allowed but some articles WERE written about it).

You arent getting a refund for anything - nothing is broken - its all on purpose, its CASSINI - thier new search engine, its thier partnerships (that cut out most dealers like you and I) and they can give you any story they want to when you call ... it just doesnt matter.

Its sad that eBay is this dishonest with its sellers, and isnt a level playing field any longer.

If you are a lwayer or know of one - ask them to read TWICE and search for the articles under the search term EBAY ... its there in black & white.

(TWICE MAGAZINE - 1/10/12)

eBay Still Has Search Problems   eBay Still Has Search Problems

by: uncle rico This user has validated their user name.

Tue May 15 18:30:46 2012


Those arrogant, uneducated fools at

eBay Still Has Search Problems   eBay Still Has Search Problems

by: Denarius This user has validated their user name.

Wed May 16 08:10:11 2012

I just called ebay  1 866 961 9253 after hours

they said they would research and I should get an answer in 24 hours.

I listed the last 2 days around 400 items, but only around 200 are searchable !!!!!!!!!!!

My items are time sensitive, I loose on sales if I have to relist them, some I can't even relist because they have expiration dates.

In addition I would have to check every single item if it's searchable and then compare with my selling manager active listings to see which item is not searchable.

That means check 400 items!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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