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Fri Apr 13 2012 10:14:56

eBay 12-Month Evaluation Period Too Long for DSRs

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
I had a thought today about the TRS issue that I felt sellers may want to consider if they are still in the TRS program, as I've seen many say it's no longer worth it with the new hoops you have to jump through to stay.

Yesterday my friend who still has TRS status called me to say she'd been given positive feedback with a set of 1's in all 4 categories. This has happened to me more than once, but had never happened to her before. As we chatted, it got me thinking about evaluations.

This is from the eBay site:

"The time period for evaluation for the average DSR and rates of 1s and 2s on DSRs is the most recent three calendar months for sellers with 400 or more transactions during those months. For all other sellers, the time period for evaluation is the most recent twelve calendar months."

With a 3 month rating, those 1's drop off much faster. But with the 1 year rating, those 1's stay on your account for a whole YEAR! I have had hissy fits with eBay regarding this as I've told them that this gives their admittedly uneducated buyer so much power over sellers. I've been on eBay over 13 years, but a new buyer with 5 feedback has me looking at those 1's for 10 months now - all 4 of them, and I'm more than sick of them!

Why that person has such power over my reputation and account is beyond my comprehension. A year is a very long time to have to deal with a set of 1's left by a low-feedback buyer who has an IQ lower than the marks they just left you - especially since they just loved the item according to their feedback comment.

If sellers drop out of the TRS program, they could be subjecting themselves to these 1's, which can get you sanctioned before you know what hit you. It's foolish to think this just happens to sellers who "deserve" it!

I'm beginning to wonder if eBay has people buying items just for this purpose - to leave 1's and get people to quit, as it's quite demoralizing.

Also, just to toss it out there, I'm tired of being expected to be perfect as a seller, when eBay is now admitting to making mistakes quite frequently. How can you demand such a high almost unattainable level of professionalism from your sellers when the behavior of eBay management is quite questionable? Do as I say not as I do?

Have a great day,
Below Standard Seller - which is just plain BS

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eBay 12-Month Evaluation Period Too Long for DSRs   eBay 12-Month Evaluation Period Too Long for DSRs

This user has validated their user name. by: Anonymous Annie

Fri Apr 13 11:12:21 2012

Hi OP! ~ I'm sorry to hear about what happened to you.

My suggestion would be to telephone eBay and convince the CSR that the feedback/DSR combination left for you qualifies as MALICIOUS FEEDBACK... and as such, it may be eligible to be removed.

If the 1's and 2's were honest and legitimate, then the reasons for them would have been spelled out in the feedback... or the feedback itself would have been negative (neutral at best).

Convince the CSR that the buyer's intention was malicious and that they wanted to HIDE the low DSR scores behind the veil of positive feedback... that they were clearly trying to DECEIVE and cloak their true intentions.

Don't give up if your first call is unsuccessful. Just call back the next day, and the next, and the next... until you're able to find a CSR who's intelligent, rational, and sympathetic.

Good luck!

eBay 12-Month Evaluation Period Too Long for DSRs   eBay 12-Month Evaluation Period Too Long for DSRs

This user has validated their user name. by: Ric

Fri Apr 13 11:55:06 2012

OP, as to positive feedback and all 1's for DSR's... That can be appealed to eBay.

Call eBay customer service and explain that you believe that a buyer has abused the feedback system.

Explain that:

1) You know you can not report a buyer for feedback abuse using eBay's abuse system because  it is against eBay policy to run a report to determine which buyer abused the feedback policy.

2) You know eBay policy allows for removal of low DSR scores when they are malicious in intent or appear to have been left in error. Malicious in this case would be positive feedback and all 1's.

3) eBay recently admitted that some buyers mistakenly leave low DSR scores because they do not understand the DSR system.

4) eBay has admitted that competitors have been known to use multiple ID's to make purchases from competitors and then leave positive feedback with all 1's for DSR's in an attempt to damage a competing seller's reputation and eliminate competition.

5) Explain that eBay has admitted there are serial abusers of the DSR system and in such cases eBay promises they will remove the DSR scores left by serial abusers.

6) Explain that you value your Top Rated Seller Status and want to be proactive about protecting your status by having eBay investigate this malicious feedback/DSR issue.

Ask to be connected to Trust and Safety as they are the unit that "investigates" policy abuses.

Discuss all of the above with Trust and Safety. If you are successful and make a good case for the low DSR's being an error or malicious, T & S will investigate. Their 'investigation'  process takes 3 to 5 days.

They can see which buyer left which scores and the feedback they left. If they agree that the Feedback & Low DSR scores meets any of the above criteria, they will remove it.

I have followed this procedure a few times and have been successful in having low DSR scores removed almost every time.

eBay 12-Month Evaluation Period Too Long for DSRs   eBay 12-Month Evaluation Period Too Long for DSRs

by: BetterThingsToDo This user has validated their user name.

Sat Apr 14 12:12:11 2012

In Fleecebays eyes if you don't sell enough to qualify for the 3 months reviews they you are JUST A HOBBY SELLER.

They don't want you as you use more bandewith than you pay for.

eBay 12-Month Evaluation Period Too Long for DSRs   eBay 12-Month Evaluation Period Too Long for DSRs

by: Jane Dough This user has validated their user name.

Sun Apr 15 02:27:31 2012

It is indeed stupid and unfair. I had a newbie buy a vase at a bargain price, leave great feedback and then rate ''one'' for description. A whole year for that to go away?  Stupid and unfair!

eBay 12-Month Evaluation Period Too Long for DSRs   eBay 12-Month Evaluation Period Too Long for DSRs

by: DonC This user has validated their user name.
Web Site

Tue Apr 17 00:37:39 2012

Luckily all & all I have great customers. Believe it or not I have received satisfaction the last times I had dealt with eBay customer service. Don't be afraid to ask. FWIW any messages you exchanged with the buyer may be useful when presenting your case.

Good luck!


eBay 12-Month Evaluation Period Too Long for DSRs   eBay 12-Month Evaluation Period Too Long for DSRs

by: xcergy This user has validated their user name.

Tue Apr 17 02:17:55 2012

eBay needs to review the program.  I am tired of being in the TRS yo-yo mode where 1/200 buyers are 'unhappy' When you lose the badge, it takes at minimum 60 days to get it back.  The system was never designed for that when you have a 100% rating, while TRS competitors (w more volume) have a 99.6%.  I hate it that eBay offers no tools to locate a problem buyer, problem seller, or problem item.  Selling patterns that need improvement is one thing, but having 1-2 bad scores that kill ratings is unacceptable.

eBay 12-Month Evaluation Period Too Long for DSRs   eBay 12-Month Evaluation Period Too Long for DSRs

by: comet This user has validated their user name.

Tue Apr 17 13:18:35 2012

If Walmart or Target HAD to disclose THEIR customer satisfaction levesl--how long do you think they would be in business?

Every time I go to either place I look to see how many people are being given the at-door return stickers;  how many are lined up at Customer Service with items in their hands,  and if I have to go to Customer Service I try to see how many people are doing a REFUND vs an EXCHANGE.  

IF there was a tote board with THOSE numbers on them the amount would be staggering---like the old Mc Donalds "Billions Served".  

But if you were to go to your local butcher baker or candlestick maker and ONE customer was standing there unhappy saying Yes I LOVE the item I just didn't LIKE the fact that I had to PAY for it or DRIVE to get it or Speak to you while you were explaining the finer points to me---you would NOTICE this.  And file it away.  

This is where ebay destroys good smaller sellers.  That might work their way up to being much larger sellers.  

IF they were ALLOWED to and not punished for "opinion" for which there is NO defense.  

eBay 12-Month Evaluation Period Too Long for DSRs   eBay 12-Month Evaluation Period Too Long for DSRs

by: lively_linda This user has validated their user name.

Fri Apr 20 22:03:02 2012

I've had two nut job buyers (both guys) who left negative feedback recently. I tried my best to communicate with them, spelling out exactly what steps I would take to satisfy them. They were both apparently scammers, hoping to make some extra cash via the threat of negative feedback.  

Calling ebay to complain about them was a great way to talk to nice people who wouldn't do a thing to help, despite clear evidence from the messages section exactly what was happening. Their advice was to respond on my site to their feedback.

It appears that there are a number of people who have way too much time on their hands and way too little power in their own lives who realize the kind of power ebay gives them via leaving negative comments, and that their ''victims'' are unable to retaliate. Power can be a big thing for little people with no lives...

Perhaps we should start a blog about ebayers we all might want to block -- at least until ebay gives the sellers back some power.

eBay 12-Month Evaluation Period Too Long for DSRs   eBay 12-Month Evaluation Period Too Long for DSRs

by: Ed This user has validated their user name.

Sun May 6 16:41:24 2012

Don't worry about DSR ebay is the problem.

ebay has the DSR system set for sellers to lose.
Example Shipping Cost.

1.Sellers have to insure orders because if any thing get broken or lost the seller is responsible. USPS charges $1.75 min for insurance and the other insurance program won't work in combined orders.

2. ebay charges about 10% fees on shipping of every order.

3. eBay owns PayPal and paypal charges about 5% fees on every order.

4. FedEx & UPS Ground charges 8% for gasoline surcharge on order not.

5. FedEX and UPS have a $2.35 Home Delivery charge.

6. The ebay over charges on combined orders since the shipping calculator has not worked correctly for several years.

7. The shipping calculator can not tell when to us Flat Rate Boxes, UPS & FedEx and then allows buyers to rate us on the DSR system.

What is the problem? With the high cost of shipping and all the additional fees from ebay, PayPal USPS, FedEx, UPS and the fact that the shipping calculator does not work.

Is shipping is reasonable with all the fees added on?

Shipping is high because gasoline is not priced reasonable with that said is ebay helping the seller or hurting the seller.

eBay says it the cost of the product. I need to know based off what shipping zone.

We say the cost of the product is the same any where in the United States but the shipping cost only gets higher as the distance get farther away and with the extra fees no one can say shipping is very reasonable.

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