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Fri Mar 4 2011 16:01:24

PayPal Experiencing Technical Issues Today

By: Ina Steiner

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Hi Ina,
In case no one has reported this to you, Paypal is really really slow today. Payments are showing up in Ebay but not in Paypal.

When the payment does show up in Paypal, you cannot view the payment. It sends you to a "you landed here in error" type screen.

Note from the editor: PayPal is having issues: "Payments via API and are intermittently unavailable for some customers. Some merchants may also see an increased number of API declines with error message 10764."

There are two places to check for status updates.

1) PayPal Live Site Status

2) PayPal Twitter account(@AskPayPal)

Update 3/4/11 at 4:45 pm EST: A PayPal spokesperson has provided the following statement:

" is currently experiencing some technical issues. The issues are intermittent, but are preventing some customers from accessing their account or completing a payment. We're working quickly to fix the problem and will provide more information as soon as possible."

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PayPal Experiencing Technical Issues Today   PayPal Experiencing Technical Issues Today

by: Average Bowler

Fri Mar 4 20:57:00 2011

Ya know... I never have these types of issues with credit card processing through my merchant account. My API access is reliable and speedy.

• NO timed-out failures.
• No erroneously declined transactions.
• No lost sales.
• NO nonsense.

I get all this reliability and SAVINGS TOO! Why pay more for something that delivers less?

Why let your ecommerce site look like a shoestring-startup, when you can offer REAL credit card processing that gives your online presence a more professional appearance that new customers are more likely to trust?

Why allow PayPal's meddling(and fraud-encouraging) return-policies and ''SNAD'' policies to interfere with your own terms of sale?

PayPal is a house of cards. Big on the outside, hollow on the inside, and very VERY fragile.

PayPal Experiencing Technical Issues Today   PayPal Experiencing Technical Issues Today

This user has validated their user name. by: Ming the Merciless

Fri Mar 4 22:04:55 2011

Even if you don't use PayPal to process payments, sellers have the same INR and SNAD problems through ebay.

Sell on Ebay and accept PayPal and sellers put themselves in double jeopardy when it comes to buyer complaints.

Either one can cost you your discounts which is precisely their objective.

PayPal Experiencing Technical Issues Today   PayPal Experiencing Technical Issues Today

by: Mr. Obvious

Sat Mar 5 02:01:15 2011

I am very happy that PreyPal has moved into the mobile format and I can enjoy their innovation, superb customer service and secure transactions in my Ecommerce adventures.

PayPal Experiencing Technical Issues Today   PayPal Experiencing Technical Issues Today

by: DonC
Web Site

Thu Mar 17 23:43:06 2011

PayPal is having problems tonight as well. Expect plenty tomorrow 3/18

I just read an interesting article. Apparently Visa is planning to compete with PayPal.

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