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Fri Aug 7 2009 16:55:09

eBay UK Seller Hits Traffic Drop-off

By: Ina Steiner

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To the Editor:
This is response to the story about sellers experiencing a drop in "hits" and sales. We have been selling on UK eBay for over five years and like other sellers have seen the ups and downs of eBay but what we have not seen anything like this before. From the 21st June to the 23rd of June our Page Views dropped by 76% and have not recovered since.

I have seen the announcement from eBay saying this is a glitch in reporting, eBay may believe this to be the case but our experience shows this not to be true. Our sales since then have been dire, despite an increase in sales on our own website and many return customers we have experienced a 30% drop in sales based on our previous average monthly sales.

The difference in questions has also been dramatic, there have been days when we have received no questions via eBay at all and most days there are at best a handful, this is very unusual for us.

If the drop in page views was a glitch why would we experience a drop in sales and questions ? It doesn't make sense.

A previous letter said that they felt that "this is the gamble that an ebay seller takes" I have to say I disagree, when we sell on eBay we are paying for a service, to have our items shown to as many people as possible so we can hopefully sell them. It is up to individual sellers to provide the right product and service but it is down to eBay to provide the "hits" and for us we have lost 76% of this service while paying 100% of our fees.

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eBay UK Seller Hits Traffic Drop-off   eBay UK Seller Hits Traffic Drop-off

by: ebay seller

Fri Aug 7 21:22:23 2009

It is interesting that sellers have been complaining about traffic here and ebay claims traffic is fine it is just a reporting issue.I experienced the same drop in traffic and sales as have many others in the US market .I have recently noticed a nice increase in sales in the last week however, I believe they have finally started paying for ads on google again .I have always tested google to see if my items show up and in the last several months they did not but in the last week they have been showing up on the first page of google searches.Hopefully they got rid of the idiot accountant who told them they could save a ton of money by not advertising and have come to there senses.Simple common sense if you don't advertise no one will find you and more importantly NO ONE WILL BUY

eBay UK Seller Hits Traffic Drop-off   eBay UK Seller Hits Traffic Drop-off

by: Patricia

Sat Aug 8 00:37:18 2009

Ebay will always deny something like this.  I have nothing listed on Ebay after almost 11 years because I simply am not getting the exposure I pay for!  This manipulation of listings that Ebay so stubbornly wishes to perform is going to be their downfall!  They just don't or won't "get it."  We pay their fees and we expect service for them.  Thousands like me just won't pay for the type of service we're getting for our fees!  

eBay UK Seller Hits Traffic Drop-off   eBay UK Seller Hits Traffic Drop-off

This user has validated their user name. by: Ming the Merciless

Sat Aug 8 23:32:31 2009

1. Ebay sellers whio believe they're not receiving the services they're paying for should file a SNAD complaint wiht their credit card company.

2. Traffic declines are NOT due to "glitches." Traffic decline is due to ebay incompetence which has caused substantially fewer people to even bother with ebay let alone view products.

"Glitches" are always the cover story to deceive market analysts, investors, and potential investors which is against SEC regulations.

Report them!

eBay UK Seller Hits Traffic Drop-off   eBay UK Seller Hits Traffic Drop-off

by: Rob

Sun Aug 9 06:28:45 2009

Glitches my @ss! It's Ebay's rotating servers only showing shoppers what ebay wants to show them from only those large volume sellers ebay wants to court. I have a number of items that show up VERY HIGH in best match search IF I search for them using my computer. However, if I search for those same products using my friend's computer that lives two states away, or I search for those same products on my son's computer down in Florida, my items are found as far back as 2000 listings in the category when the item is getting ready to close.

Not providing a service being paid for (ad exposure in default search engine) should be a criminal offense.

All my DSRs are 4.9-5.0, I have a 12 month feedback score of 100%, and a lifetime feedback score of 99.96 on roughly 8,000 sales,  all my listings have good keyword titles with  history of recent sales, all my items are fixed price/multiple quantity listings with free shipping all of which are/were SUPPOSED to be key elements to getting raised search standing...but most items I list never make it closer than 1000s listings deep when I look for those listings on any other computer but my own system which generally shows my listings much higher in search.

This royally sucks to watch my sales deteriorate to the point I can no longer turn a profit on ebay after factoring in all fees and associated cost after having sell through rates well above 70% on most any of my products prior to Ebay's self service "worst match" search engine.

eBay UK Seller Hits Traffic Drop-off   eBay UK Seller Hits Traffic Drop-off

by: Was all set to buy and then...

Sun Aug 9 08:28:53 2009

On the bottom of the listing it states:
I'm an eBay employee, so shop with confidence
for item # 260451576863.

Of course this wiseguy has 100% feedback (also i'm sure fudged) but why only like 100+ sales? Oh I know - Tell us you work for the enemy !
Sorry, I do not deal with crooks and liars. i will buy it elsewhere. Why would this guy state he works for a company so hated?

eBay UK Seller Hits Traffic Drop-off   eBay UK Seller Hits Traffic Drop-off

by: John

Sun Aug 9 11:44:20 2009

@ Was all set to buy and then...

The classic I am an eBay employee so shop with confidence statement.

Here is an eBay employee who has over 900 listings total with approx. 500 listings in violation of eBay payment policy and listing in categories not allowed for paper payment. Because of the length of the actual eBay url we used the tiny url site to reduce the size.

The 1st link shows only  8 listings which they state they are eBay employee's (in their communications paragraph)

Now the second listing shows over 500 listings. Click on anyone of them and you will see they say in two different areas of their description they accept paper payments.

eBay UK Seller Hits Traffic Drop-off   eBay UK Seller Hits Traffic Drop-off

by: ma

Mon Aug 10 23:41:18 2009

Just so you all know you cant post ebay listings using a tinyurl. after sept I believe.
yes I too just complained. hits a year ago, worse economy, 250-600 per day then in Jan dropped to 40-75 day now since june 6-10 per day. always tied to changes in ebay. I used to get 7500 or more per month, now lucky to get 700 hits. quite a difference. I guess they will do away with omniture too as it tells whats up. right now no sales for last 6 days.

eBay UK Seller Hits Traffic Drop-off   eBay UK Seller Hits Traffic Drop-off

by: Chris Goddard

Tue Aug 11 08:53:38 2009

@ Rob, is this why when I now search for an item the results ALWAYS now show as "Best Match"?? Best match for who? And with no way to change that view it HAS to be a BEST MATCH for eBay??
I stopped serious selling ages ago as I could simply not get along with eBay at all and seems I got it right?

eBay UK Seller Hits Traffic Drop-off   eBay UK Seller Hits Traffic Drop-off

by: Steve

Fri Aug 21 03:29:55 2009

feeBay is going from bad to worst I hear what your all are saying however I have been paying out big bucks to advertise in the Featured First $74.95 per month and all my listing display on the first page on any of my keywords in the title of  all my listings.

Normally I would get 5 sales per day, in the last part of April I am only selling 1 item every second day, something is just not right in the traffic department as my views to sales ration is the same. feeBay just does not have the traffic as DSR (Detailed Seller Ratings) and other variables don’t mater when you pay for Featured First.

The eBay market is dead it has no traffic and fees do not reflect what we are paying for, views to our listings I expect eBay is Going, Going, Gone. By mid 2010 they will sell of PayPal and some other big company like Google will buy them for what they are really worth NUL….

I cant see eBay lasting to long with Donahoe at the helm he must be the biggest num-nuts on the face on the earth. may be sellers should run the show….  

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