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Sat Mar 18 2017 21:20:02

eBay Motors Gives OEM Parts a Red Flag

By: Reader
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Dear Ina,
Since you have a solid contact at eBay, can you ask them 2 things for me.

1) I sell used auto parts, it's mandatory that I put in the "manufacturer's name" in for last 15 months per eBay AI requirements. I've been putting "OEM" for original equipment manufacturer. This is no longer acceptable by eBay now, as of this week... so all my existing listings have "red" flags. 

Since I sell as we call in the biz "OEM parts", maybe eBay can get someone who has car knowledge to oversee eBay Motors. I didn't see this in any updates.

2) Regarding the "no flash allowed". All of my listings have YouTube videos in the description showing the item working, and or condition of the donor vehicle. 

In eBay's latest letter they still do not have a solution to insert YouTube videos into the listing... besides some pay for play 3rd party tools which do not work well with 500 individual items. 

These are one-off items where a template does not do well. I have started to include a traditional link... in case eBay doesn't pull through with that promise.

Can you ask eBay when is there going to be a solution for this? I thought it was before spring seller update. Do they know how much time it takes to edit HTML on 500 listings!?

Note from the Editor: You can find more information about eBay's ban on Active Content on this page. Scroll down and you'll find a section called "How-to Guides" with a section called "Including a Product video."
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eBay Motors Gives OEM Parts a Red Flag   eBay Motors Gives OEM Parts a Red Flag
by: elcheapoposters This user has validated their user name.
       Web Site
Mon Mar 20 11:49:26 2017
About the OEM thing - Not a clue.

About the videos - you can upload the video ( mp4, mov, wmv, etc ) and use HTML5 media content. This takes Youtube out of the equation and satisfies ebay's active content rules.

reference code: https://www.w3schools.com/html/tryit.asp?filename=tryhtml5_video
eBay Motors Gives OEM Parts a Red Flag   eBay Motors Gives OEM Parts a Red Flag
by: strife This user has validated their user name.
Wed Mar 22 14:57:04 2017
Over on TameBay it was stated that Griff came out and posted that YouTube Vids would still be possible using the code as outlined on this page:

since the youtube video pages are generally just urls not only will you be able to post vids you should be able to post any html content whatsoever using the div wrapper as described.

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