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Wed May 9 2012 23:31:17

Seller Describes PayPal Pet Peeves

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
I have been using PayPal for years and for the most part am happy with the service but there are some serious flaws which drive me up the wall and PayPal refuses to address them. I am wondering how other sellers are dealing with these.

1) a. When using virtual terminal, PayPal will not send the customer confirmation of shipping. After I ship the item using PayPal shipping, I then have to send a separate email to the customer with tracking info because PayPal won't. For over a year PayPal promised me they were working on this. Now they finally admitted they are not going to fix this because "they do not have the customer's permission to email them."

What kind of nonsense is this? First, they already emailed the customer when the charge was made. Second, once the customer paid for the item and obviously provided their email address since I was able to fill it in, surely they want to be notified when it ships! third, ALL the other services do it, including, and even eBay. Why is PayPal the only exception? But this is not even the entire extent of the problem.

b. In order NOT to contact the customer, PayPal replaces the email address I enter with a random sequence of letters and numbers like and then sends notification to that non-existent address. I then get a failure notice. If I enter 30 transactions, I get 30 failure notices! I have asked them for over a year to stop this and they haven't. Why is it wrong to email a customer with information they want, but okay to email me with garbage I have asked not to receive?

2) About 6 months ago, PayPal began randomly crashing several times a day. It happens at any time. I can enter a transaction or click the ship button and it will crash with a server error. PayPal told me to clear my cache and all sorts of other things to try but this has been happening on 3 different computers and whether I use IE, Firefox or Chrome. So I am as certain as I can be that this is a PayPal issue and not on my end.

What I really want to know is: how are other sellers dealing with this?
Izzy Goodman

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Seller Describes PayPal Pet Peeves   Seller Describes PayPal Pet Peeves

by: Steevo This user has validated their user name.

Thu May 10 02:14:10 2012

When PayPal was a separate company their computer systems, policies, procedures were very solid.  

They used best policies and didn't do anything to cast any suspicion at all on themselves.  

It was the philosophy of the people running it.  They may have all come from the payments processing field and fidelity in that business is *essential* to survival.  If you get accused of anything at all you are dead!

Then eBay bought them and the eBay programmers started working on PayPal too.  

PayPal doesn't work nearly as well nowadays.  Their systems have programming problems, errors, bugs, and some of what they are doing lately will likely turn out to be illegal, like the funds holds.  Things PayPal would *never* have done before eBay bought them.

Depending on which law they are under (State or Federal) they can hold funds for one day, or maybe 10 days but they have to have a valid reason for that, it can't be to ''promote successful fulfillment for sellers who are new to selling on eBay or have a below standard seller rating''.  

I'm pretty confident based on my research that will turn out to be illegal.  

Seller Describes PayPal Pet Peeves   Seller Describes PayPal Pet Peeves

by: racecarguy This user has validated their user name.

Thu May 10 10:27:49 2012

My biggest pet peeve with PayPal is their glitch in the system that occasionally does not send out confirmation emails when a Buyer makes a payment.
It does not happen often, and when contacted about it, they say they are aware of it. However, it has not been fixed.
It usually only happens to me a couple times a month. I have no idea why it will decide to skip an email, but it is very embarrassing when a Buyer wants to know where their package is and I am not even aware that it has been paid for.
It happened to five different purchases last month and I had to send a lot of ''My apology'' emails to try to keep people happy.
It would be nice if they could possibly take a longer look at the problem.

Seller Describes PayPal Pet Peeves   Seller Describes PayPal Pet Peeves

by: Eagle This user has validated their user name.

Fri May 11 14:54:07 2012

I use USPS click-n-ship, but they don't offer 1st class or parcel post. I don't use PayPal shipping unless I just have to based on whether USPS doesn't recognize the address the customer gives (usually a small discrepancy the program doesn't recognize) or I need to ship 1st class. Also, you manually have to list email to customer with USPS, so the authorization to contact customer pertains to your business policy/agreement that obviously the customer agrees to otherwise the purchase wouldn't have been made to begin with.

Seller Describes PayPal Pet Peeves   Seller Describes PayPal Pet Peeves

by: DonC This user has validated their user name.
Web Site

Wed May 16 01:30:29 2012

I have been getting this error message occasionally:

"Bad Request

Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand.
Size of a request header field exceeds server limit.

Cookie: cwrClyrK4LoCV1fydGbAxiNL6iG=dmQUE9YQ43KEvzvEPUxWwpaq6FUBZV0FA-i2ahdBwH

clear my cookies, same deal. Usually when I switch to IE I can print a label. If not it's or I use stamps. A PITA but what can you expect? They are owned by eBay.


Seller Describes PayPal Pet Peeves   Seller Describes PayPal Pet Peeves

by: expertbenefits This user has validated their user name.

Thu May 17 23:49:08 2012

I usually use USPS so the signature confirmation is visible with insurance and express mail. Otherwise with express mail it has to be requested. You can also use ebay shipping if it is an ebay  purchase which has insurance up to 1000.00 or endicia.

On a separate virtual terminal issue, does everyone get the "capture 1.00" from a member that is not verified on credit cards? Then they put the onus on us to capture $1.00 and explain to the customer why we are doing it. Also they explain if we plan to capture more than once. When I do this  most people do not complain but sometimes they do and I do not really understand it. I think captures are usually a few cents not a dollar or more, sometimes as little as 0.01 in my bank account. This goes on their credit card I am told. I refund it but I might not get to it right away. Once we capture it, the record does not show anything on Paypal that they told us to capture it and it shows pending even after it appears on the customer's credit card online.  It also says Print label or issue refund as if Paypal has no idea why this 1.00 showed up in our paypal account. I explain to the customer that their credit card info is invisible to me they think I charged it but it is through ebay checkout. Does anyone have any ideas or know anymore about this? Paypal just says unverified. I assumed previously that it was removed from the person's bank account not charged to their credit card because how would that confirm identity if the charge also goes to the same credit card? I don't get it.

Seller Describes PayPal Pet Peeves   Seller Describes PayPal Pet Peeves

by: sparky This user has validated their user name.

Sun May 20 00:47:19 2012

The holds are illegal I believe. Even IRS pays interest.
My mother had a heart attack,83,and I handled everything. I have endured 2 months of holds! Paypal was great before ebay bought them. Now I would not recommend them.

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