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Sat Sept 10 2011 12:26:42

Seller Disappointed by Bonanza Changes

By: Ina Steiner

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Dear Ina,
I am writing you in regards to the recent changes of They have implemented a new "look" to the site along with quite a few other changes including redoing their browsing for buyers. Part of this new browsing search are options "For Him", "For Her" and "For Everyone". They have literally separated the sexes in these categories.

When doing this separation they have put search categories like food/cooking in the "For Her" shopping options and the handyman options in the "For Him" shopping options. When did we go back to the dark ages and the battle of the sexes or is the CEO of Bonanza just so ignorant that he thinks women do all the cooking and men do all the handywork? I'm appalled at this type of discrimination and yes, that's exactly what it is!

They have also changed quite a few other options on the site. Moving arrows that confuse a buyer on the home page, they have completely forgot to put the shopping button back in from the My Bonanza page so that if a person is on that page it's confusing to know how to even shop unless your mouse catches the right place on the page. The colors are horrible and hard on the eyes.

To top this off, they still haven't fixed past glitches on the site yet they implement more changes that are sure to set off even more glitches, and they do this right before the upcoming holiday season. I have a background in business management and these have to be some of the worst management decisions I have seen yet for a business that proclaims to want to grow to be the number one online shopping venue.
Thank you Ina for letting my voice my opinion on this.
"Very disappointed"

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Seller Disappointed by Bonanza Changes   Seller Disappointed by Bonanza Changes

by: scview This user has validated their user name.
Web Site

Sun Sep 11 17:31:10 2011

The comment above

''From a sellers standpoint, Bonanza is a gem, allowing sellers to create a free online store with listings
that never expire, easy listing tools, free photos, and excellent customer support. From a buyers standpoint,the site is full of exciting items from which to chose, from hand crafted, antique, vintage, to new.''

Is batch of self advertising PR dribble. Welcome to a ''SPIN ZONE'' that disregards facts.

All that matters for an online site should be independent traffic [Traffic that the site generates itself] & total # of sales.

In both these areas the current site that is Bonazle/Bonaza fails..and fails miserably.

Two root items stand out when you look hard at the site. It is obviously a site run by a ''techi'' not a seller. And it lacks a valid advertising model with which to sustain Independent Traffic to the site and it's sellers.

Put the cheerleader Pom-Poms down and take the facts...where is traffic and where are the sales and use those numbers to judge the site.

Early on the site's owners turned a blind eye to advertising the cost the site dearly and allowed a moment of unique opportunity (2008 Ebay discord .) to slip through their hands.

A ''seller'' type person running the site would not have squandered this opportunity.

Changing the site's look in of itself is not bad....making the site so ''techie'' that it is hard to use or understand by the normal casual buyer on the Internet is.

Comments by the ''Pom-Pom'' group and the ''banished'' seller group cancel themselves out in the long run...

So once again I ask...where is the traffic? and where are the sales?

Show me a successful Bonaza seller. Let us other sellers talk to him so that we too can be a success on that site....

And there-in is the problem I have with Bonaza or some other online ''want to be the new Ebay alternative sales site'' sites...they have no example of success to share.

After three years you would think there would be some...wouldn't you?

Seller Disappointed by Bonanza Changes   Seller Disappointed by Bonanza Changes

by: pugs This user has validated their user name.

Sun Sep 11 17:40:55 2011

to BonzSeller

since when do people stop expressing opinions of places they have done business with just because they do not anymore.. products, businesses, companies one has worked for.. opinions are given by those that have had experiences with these things and places... it is not limited to those who are only using or doing business at the time of the comment.

I don't see any hate from any of us. Just fact, opinions and the truth. The nastiness and hate usually comes from those trying to shut us up. Just why is that. Why the bad feelings towards us, why do you want to shut us up. Maybe you don't want the truth to be heard. Well, even if we shut up.. it wont change a thing or make anything any better, or worse for that matter.

People are entitled to hear what everyone has to say. Those that like the site, those that do not, those that are still there and those that are not. They are entitled to hear from all n not just cheerleaders .. as well as not just cheerleaders have the right to their opinions and to express them. Then they can make up their own minds. They will find out the truth for themselves anyway. Company's get feedback, good and bad, from all kinds of customers, past and those still there... as far as I can see Bonz is the only place that can not understand or deal with that.

So much would not be said off site if Bonz was not so bend on having the forums sterilized and not spending so much time trying to shut people up... when you suppress someones ability to have their say, be honest about opinions and discuss what is wrong with a place.. that causes issue ..people will end up more upset than they initially were about their issues and will find a way to say it. You and no one else has the right to stop that.

Seller Disappointed by Bonanza Changes   Seller Disappointed by Bonanza Changes

by: Shopatusm This user has validated their user name.

Sun Sep 11 18:24:47 2011

to BonzSeller

You are nothing but a coward hiding behind no name, because you don't have the balls to use your name. I don't know where you got your information from? But I was not kicked off Bonanza. I had closed all my accounts and Mark refused to close them so I filed a complaint with the BBB then he finally shut my accounts down. I have all the emails and can prove what I am saying. Where do you get your information from is it Mark? Because it seems like lately some of the support crew is talking to members about members who aren't there anymore. This is very bad for business to say the least!

Many of us know who is hiding behind the BonzSeller id... She is the same one who has attacked me and others on Facebook. She likes using fake ids to attack people the coward that she is. She is running a hate group and going after anyone who doesn't say nice things about Bonanza. I have been on there for almost three years.. I have not bashed them I have spoken the truth and what was my experience with them. If you don't like it too bad! It won't stop me from telling others my experience with Bonanza.

I suggest you be very careful what you say because hiding behind a fake id here won't stop me from getting your ip address if needed. Go get a life and put down the pom poms because it won't get you nowhere!

Seller Disappointed by Bonanza Changes   Seller Disappointed by Bonanza Changes

by: Business

Sun Sep 11 20:19:58 2011

In the end it is not where you sell but that you DO sell and that can be accomplished anywhere ~ honestly. It has been stated over and over again that most buyers come from a search engine directly to the item.

What is needed is in-store features and work and check-outs that work. The rest is up to the individual seller to keep the buyers on their page and using their checkout.

In the middle, and totally superfluous to selling except that it hurts not only a sites image but the individual sellers image, is the cat and dog fighting and name calling which is not good for any business anywhere in the world - online or brick and mortar.

Attend to business and business and business will attend to you.

The site needs to get the basics fixed and then worry about the cosmetics. Period.

Seller Disappointed by Bonanza Changes   Seller Disappointed by Bonanza Changes

by: jojo

Mon Sep 12 01:00:57 2011

Wow, I didn't know all that has been going on at Bonanza, even though I have had a couple stores there for a couple years. I never partook of the social aspect, but it appears from these postings it got pretty ugly for some people. Oh well.

I have always loved Bonanza. It is the easiest place for me to sell (and yes, I am an ebay hater since it turned Chinese a year or so ago). I also have some very successful stores on etsy. But I always wished Bonanza would move ahead and become number 1! I suppose it is a very hard thing to do.

That said, I have to agree that the She, He and Everyone is just stupid. Sorry, but that is my first impression. I logged in and was like 'huh'? They do look like bathroom door labels, it seems childish like I am in 5th grade or something, and frankly in the day and age we live in, it strikes me as very backward. Still, it doesnt make me hate Bonanza, I would just hope they would admit a mistake and get rid of it! Dont make the same mistake ebay made and stick by stupid decisions. When the populace complains with a loud voice, listen, and back down!

And the front page now strikes me as odd.  A picture of a bohemian chick in her 20s? That is not my market. Why was she chosen for the front page...permanently? I thought the selections would change but they are all still there. Very silly. And yes the colors are very washed out. Bonanza, why dont you please just admit you messed up and go back to the way you were? Thanks

Seller Disappointed by Bonanza Changes   Seller Disappointed by Bonanza Changes

by: Lydia

Mon Sep 12 01:02:26 2011

I have no issues with Bonanza style. The pictures look much better than they do on eBay and they have an easier time making improvements in designer due to more flexible programming than eBay (an oxymoron I know).

What they need to do is advertising to get more traffic in google. They are very responsive and helpful and we have learned a lot from them. At Bonanza up they had great speakers that were not just trying to sell things. Someone paid for them! It was not a bunch of vendors; they were pros trying to help. The traffic needs to be organic. I get a lot more traffic on eBay but thinking that will change. They have not been around as long as eBay and look at the turns eBay has taken.

We sell higher end items and many do there so hoping that they won't just want the garage sale stuff. I like the people a lot and think that they are going through changes in a more transparent way than eBay. They won't do Wal-Mart and overstock I hope!

Seller Disappointed by Bonanza Changes   Seller Disappointed by Bonanza Changes

by: Red Ink Diary This user has validated their user name.
Web Site

Mon Sep 12 03:55:12 2011

I was the third ''not a personal friend or family member'' to sign up on Bonanza. Back then it was still in Beta and thought it wanted to be like Craigslist. I have never been treated any way but with respect by Bill and Mark but then I haven't ever given them any problems or told them how to mind their own business either.

BuyerSeller and permacrisis speak words of truth and wisdom.

I am a seller, and a writer. I don't do the social stuff, the forums etc precisely because of some of the people who have posted above. When they showed up the forums became toxic. They were exactly the same on eBay, divisive, whining, spiteful and plain nasty. I doubt they will change much on their next venue. Who needs that?

I don't care for the new home page either although I do prefer the calmer overall color scheme. Homely as a fence post comes to mind on the Goth gal.

I seriously doubt any one of my buyers has even seen the homepage.  eCommerce has changed and matured. Very few people go looking for something to buy by site browsing these days, especially in this economy. They do not leave feedback either.

In part this change in buyer behavior is directly attributable to eBay's skewed search. Time was you could spend a pleasant evening on eBay, sadly no more. The dynamic pages with images jumping out at you if you don't maintain iron control of the mouse are extremely distracting. The difficulty of seeing everything has encouraged would be buyers to search on Google rather than on a site which will not allow you to frame a search your own way.

Once people got used to searching Google and realized that you could find anything, even antiques & collectibles, and were not limited to one venue - why would they want to go back to the old way?

If you want to sell online today you can't simply bung any old piece of rubbish up with a blurry picture and expect to make sales. Those days are long gone.

Most people who have seen their sales drop off have not paid any attention to Google's recent policy changes. If you can't be found on Google you are dead. Remember, you can't list the same items on two sites, Google will drop you even if you have different titles and prices. Search ''Google duplicate content rule'' and understand Google doesn't care what you think, or your reasons or rationale for doing what you are doing, they are going to do it their way.

If you think you can build a website and survive on sales from organic search alone you have a painful lesson coming your way.

Advertising is very expensive. There is no longer a good return on investment in advertising for online venues. This is why even eBay does very little of it any more. If Bonanza started spending big bucks on advertising, selling fees would have to go up, big time. eBay costs 300% more to sell than Bonanza!

When there are changes which may affect your business, you should analyze the changes so you can pinpoint the impact (if any) and determine the proper course of action. Anyone with a background in business management should know that.

Seller Disappointed by Bonanza Changes   Seller Disappointed by Bonanza Changes


Mon Sep 12 09:49:07 2011

LOL, I love reading what the losers and gripers are saying.  You all hate what ebay has become and yet you hate that sites like Bonanza are not ebay.... I have an idea...start your own perfect site and EVERYONE will flock to you... come on people, it don't cost a thing to use Bonanza unless you sell, I have had a few really nice big ticket sales on Bonanza, commission is cheap, the items do not fall of in 5, 7 or 10 days.  Hey, once you create a listing do what I do, put it everywhere, the hard work is finished...the photo   taking and heavy photo shop editing to make it look really appealing, the BS description to make it sound really nice, then the first posting, then you take the source code and paste to the rest of the places you want to sell on (and bitch about).    
PS. Where is the coupon again???

Seller Disappointed by Bonanza Changes   Seller Disappointed by Bonanza Changes

This user has validated their user name. by: permacrisis

Mon Sep 12 10:46:37 2011

"...start your own perfect site and EVERYONE will flock to you..."

That, sir, is the plan!

Seller Disappointed by Bonanza Changes   Seller Disappointed by Bonanza Changes

by: Pied Piper This user has validated their user name.

Mon Sep 12 11:12:26 2011

I signed on with Blah-nanza, in October 2008. My member number was in the upper 7,000's.

I happly left, in January 2010. I still visit the site at least twice a day.

Why, would I do that ????
Its entertaining to watch each NEW ROUND OF SUCKERS, buy into the BS, Bill Harding, and his minions liberally spread.

FOR THREE YEARS, yes, I said three years. Sellers have been asking for the SAME SOFTWARE BUGS to be fixed.

What has ownership done ???
In one word, it can be summed up .... NOTHING.

Assuming you like to play with yourself ... Blah-nanza is the perfect venue for you.

Catch up on some Blah-nanza history by visting these two websites (warning you won't be pleased).


Seller Disappointed by Bonanza Changes   Seller Disappointed by Bonanza Changes

by: Rooftop

Mon Sep 12 11:43:32 2011

A site in New Zealand called '' Trade Me '' is rated number 5 in all web traffic in New Zealand just behind google etc  and is the top site for selling and auctions while eBay is only rated 27 in the web traffic that it gets in New Zealand .
Trade Me is a real success story and it spends nothing on advertising and eBay has never been able to successfully complete at the same level as '' Trade Me ''.
If anyone wants to look at a site that eBay has never been able to win over , they should look at ''Trade Me ''in New Zealand  

Seller Disappointed by Bonanza Changes   Seller Disappointed by Bonanza Changes


Mon Sep 12 14:33:44 2011

T0: Ina Steiner,

Hi Ina, its me, Monty! I just wanted to pop in to wish you and everyone really nice day....+hank you in advance, MONTROSe

Seller Disappointed by Bonanza Changes   Seller Disappointed by Bonanza Changes

by: here for now

Mon Sep 12 14:36:46 2011

I sell on Bonanza.  I also agree with the critical comments of Bonanza on this thread.  

Glitches abound and serious ones like checkout never seem to get fixed.  Resources are spent on games and cosmetics while actually selling something takes a back seat.

Oshun's links in an earlier post are right on target.

Seller Disappointed by Bonanza Changes   Seller Disappointed by Bonanza Changes

by: A current Bonanza seller

Mon Sep 12 14:50:55 2011

For many sellers who sell on Bonanza, they are pretty happy about the changes. I only know of a few big name sites who offer calculated shipping, internationalization and a community so great, in which MGMT has tried to reach out to in getting more views more "equally" to all categories by doing this change. Some folks who post with comments do not sell on Bonanza but rather have too much time on their hands.

Seller Disappointed by Bonanza Changes   Seller Disappointed by Bonanza Changes

by: jamiro This user has validated their user name.

Mon Sep 12 15:10:22 2011

I sell on Bonanza. I have not been kicked out permanently as some people want to indicate that that's somehow the bone of contention but it isn't the whole story –

I have for three years asked why the search function there is so poor. I shop there and I know that to be the case. I shop online lots of places so I'm not a newbie. The search at Bonz is flawed, yet instead of direct energies to its repair they create more ''toys''.

I have been dmved (disemvoweled in the forums) for asking things like why does the checkout malfunction so much of the time and how many people have left never to return because of other problems with the site. And no I'm not impressed because they add toys and game features, or dress up the new homepage with stuff I wouldn't buy regardless. The new system of ''personalization'' is silly. It was silly when they tested it and it's practically worthless now - it doesn't pick the right items and in fact picks offensive ones and off the wall things like baby clothes when the questions never included ''do you have children?'' They even admitted in the beginning they didn’t expect it to work right. What? Launch something that you KNOW isn’t working right?

Every time they do such a thing they mess with MY business and anyone else’s who sells there.

Bonanza had the chance to be something really great. It came along at a time when so many of us walking wounded from ebay needed to ''feel some love'' and they tricked us into thinking they cared about sellers. They don't. They have allowed other sellers to form bands of dmv attack groups and slam those who don't toe the line and sing praises of Bonanza all day. They know it happens, they turn a blind eye when it’s the cheerleaders who keep all the inmates ‘happy happy happy’….

My name is Debra Dean, I sell as jamiro - my store name is jamiro*eclectica and if you can't put your ID or name on what you say online, then why should I quantify what you say by believing you? Bonanza is NOT Utopia, it's run by an underground of nasty people who think if you don't sit all day playing games like a simpleton singing Kumbaya that you are somehow to be slammed and asked to leave or any number of other insults. And management there tends to side with them - why? Because those people playing games make them money and give the impression of lots of traffic and sales.

No I am not bitter because of them allowing other peeps to slam me, but I am sad that I put my heart into the place for 3 years. I emailed all my former customers from ebay and did numerous types of advertising for the place. I created and gave away thousands of booth banners and assorted art FREE to help people. I helped answer questions in the forums for people needing help. I did much to input life and zest there and I am sick that the simple functions of the site like search and checkout continue to be ignored and work only part of the time while they continue to cater to games and other silly forms of intra-sales that benefit only them.

So those of you who say ''they own the site'' that's true - but if you play games there and buy and sell in their pyramid game then they own you too... you are paying fees and memberships out of ''love'' - believe me many of us oldies found out the love isn't real.... one day they will have no use for those of you who, like some of us, know what’s buried under the kitty litter….

Happy sales.

Seller Disappointed by Bonanza Changes   Seller Disappointed by Bonanza Changes

by: Fern

Mon Sep 12 15:23:00 2011

In spite of not liking some of the  changes, Bonanza is still the best place I've found since leaving E---.  I'm basting my choice on the overall package that it offers to what I need, compared to the other sites I've tried. low cost, ease of use, ability to have fixed price store (sure wish they would add auctions), wonderful support, help on up -to -date selling on the internet, like Google, & good search. My sales are increasing all the time and nobody has had trouble checking out. Last week I bought several things from the site and had no trouble.  

Is it perfect, of course not. Some sites have features that may be better but overall if ou are looking to add to your business plan, I wouldn't rule out Bonanza.

Seller Disappointed by Bonanza Changes   Seller Disappointed by Bonanza Changes

by: seller/shopper

Mon Sep 12 15:38:32 2011

Bonanza is new and getting better every day! Been selling there for over 2 years, maybe 3, but I love the manners of most and it's a nice place to sell and shop!

Seller Disappointed by Bonanza Changes   Seller Disappointed by Bonanza Changes

by: Fomer ebay seller

Mon Sep 12 16:07:05 2011

I'm glad I left Bonanza when I did.
The supposed improvements are silly and look even sillier as they rework things.
They have no clue about design or marketing of a product or brand.

I wasted too much time there hoping things would look right and the site would function professionally.

Much better off at Etsy.

Seller Disappointed by Bonanza Changes   Seller Disappointed by Bonanza Changes

by: G-and-A This user has validated their user name.

Mon Sep 12 16:35:37 2011

Couldn't agree more with Red Ink Diary.  So happy to see an intelligent comment.  As a reader of the forums, I've often browsed booths of contributors complaining of no sales - only to find blurry pictures and very limited descriptions.  And sellers who take Paypal only.  Since Paypal and ebay are synonymous, why not offer Google Checkout?
.....Seems to me that in today's economy there is a good reason why people aren't buying non-essential things as much as in the past.  It hardly seems reasonable to blame Bonanza.

Seller Disappointed by Bonanza Changes   Seller Disappointed by Bonanza Changes

by: tula

Mon Sep 12 17:06:17 2011

I do a lot of work as a software development consultant and I've noticed a trend lately in managers pushing the "bling" on web sites and neglecting the functionality. They don't get that the pretty stuff won't do much is the stuff behind the scenes is broken. This trend is being echoed in most of the ecommerce venues I use, with Bonanza and Etsy showing some of the worst signs of that. They add all the new whiz-bang Ajax, "widgets", apps, HTML5 magic, Flash, and other stuff, but neglect the actual bones behind it. All the fancy flashy window dressing is useless unless you've got solid functionality underneath.

I've never been a Bonanza cheerleader and have found the place clunky from day one. They can't seem to make up their mind about what they want to be (kind of like eBay these days), so I haven't focused much of my selling efforts there. I'm leaning more toward Artfire and Atomic Mall lately, since these seem to be much more stable and focused and are actually giving me sales.

This is only my opinion as a seller and as someone who builds the kind of software and infrastructure that runs sites like these.

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