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by Ina Steiner, Editor of
Thu May 3 2018 16:45:44

What Is Going On with eBay Stores?

By: Ina Steiner

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Sellers woke up May 1st to problems with their eBay Stores, and numerous problems continue to plague some. Today, we received a message from a seller: 

"Have you been made aware of the huge problem with eBay Stores today. Some attempts to look at Stores result in 'Page does not exist' message. Finally getting into them it seems all customisation has disappeared etc. There is a Discussion on the eBay Boards."

There are multiple threads on the US eBay discussion boards about Stores that have disappeared and changes that impact search and Store design.

"I found my store this morning," one seller wrote. "Apparently my ... Read More

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Thu May 3 2018 15:08:53

eBay Hides Seller Promo Banners Again

By: Ina Steiner

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Imagine a retail store holding a BOGO sale (Buy one, get one at X% off) to excite shoppers, but placing the signs at the back of the store where many shoppers may miss seeing them. That's how sellers feel about eBay's placement of banners displaying promotions they've created that are designed to give shoppers incentives to make purchases or buy more than one item.

The banners, controlled by sellers in the Promotions Manager section of their eBay Stores, had always appeared prominently in listings until late last year. eBay moved them to the ... Read More

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Mon Apr 30 2018 20:21:42

eBay Updates Playbook as It Deploys New Search

By: Ina Steiner

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As eBay gets ready to deploy Phase One of its new product-based search experience in May, it's committing to launching Phase Two in August, and the company updated its Playbook for developers to help them prepare.

Like cola drinkers flipping the tab on a can of New Coke in 1985 and taking a swig, shoppers will know it when they see eBay's new search - check out the Grouped Similar Listings feature for a taste of New eBay, as we described here.

But sellers must also adapt to the new recipe, and that means more work for developers too. eBay ... Read More

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Mon Apr 30 2018 11:11:22

Tech Problems Plague eBay Promotions

By: Ina Steiner


Technical problems continue to plague eBay promotions and instead of being a welcome invitation to save money, they are now a source of frustration and are wasting sellers' time.

The most recent problem was reported on the eBay discussion boards and in this Ecommerce EKG report:

"Have an eBay Promotional Offer in Seller Hub, for 25% up to 5 sales over $25. When I click the Activate link, I get an error message that that offer is not available for me. Supposed to be good thru 5/4. Why would it be in my Hub if it's not for me?" (April 29, ... Read More

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Fri Apr 27 2018 10:26:25

eBay Surveys Sellers on Member Messaging

By: Ina Steiner


eBay regularly surveys users, and this month, it provided a snippet of the results of one survey it conducted on a topic important to sellers: its messaging system that lets sellers and shoppers communicate.

eBay presented survey participants with a list of messaging features and asked them to rate the one that they felt was a "Must Have." 

eBay said the key objective of the survey was to "evaluate which feature additions to member-to-member communications would be most preferred by sellers."

Here are the results it shared:

- Add a photo to a message: 77%

- Username and feedback score of person: 67%

- See conversation with someone, all ... Read More

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