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Thu Sept 7 2017 20:33:57

Amazon Duped by Bogus Law Firm Says CNBC

By: Ina Steiner

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Amazon was tricked by a fake law firm into removing a seller's hot product from its marketplace, costing the seller $200,000, according to this article in CNBC. The merchant said Amazon kicked off  the product because of the bogus complaint  - most likely filed a competitor, the publication reported.

CNBC said the seller put in an appeal last month but couldn't get it resolved until this week. What's noteworthy is that in the weeks the merchant was unable to sell the items on Amazon, he was presumably paying FBA fees to Amazon for storing the items, and would have had to have paid Removal Order fees to return or dispose of the items. (We're not even sure if Amazon would return FBA items deemed to be infringing, at least until the matter was resolved.)

One would think Amazon would be more responsive than this seller is reporting it was; bogus claims happen - but it's a real problem if a marketplace fails to address sellers' responses in a timely manner, if that was indeed what happened in this case.

Online sellers are often on the receiving end of Intellectual Property complaints, and Marketplaces like Amazon and eBay are very careful not to put themselves at jeopardy by coming between two parties. Amazon was recently sued by customers, a couple who claimed eclipse glasses purchased through the online retailer were defective and damaged their eyes, according to this Reuters report. The article didn't make clear if it was Amazon or a third-party merchant who may have sold the couple the sunglasses.

Do you think there's been an increase in trademark and copyright complaints against sellers - and are they coming from brands or the seller's competitors? And how well are online marketplaces handling such cases?

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Perminate Link for Amazon Duped by Bogus Law Firm Says CNBC   Amazon Duped by Bogus Law Firm Says CNBC

by: eBay Shill Buster This user has validated their user name.

Thu Sep 7 21:14:55 2017

eBay does the very same thing, they will take a VERO complaint from anyone and pull down listings, these companies hide behind their TOS, they should both be sued in Federal court for fraud.

When your competitors can file a fraudulent complaint and put you out of business because Amazon and eBay employ brain dead people who will not do a valid investigation before pulling down listings they should be liable for their actions.

Perminate Link for Amazon Duped by Bogus Law Firm Says CNBC   Amazon Duped by Bogus Law Firm Says CNBC

by: futervest This user has validated their user name.

Fri Sep 8 10:32:14 2017

eBay allows ANYONE to report a listing as a result many dealers will use this to eliminate competition I  myself have had this happen several times. I believe before they remove the listing the plaintiff should be researched and if found to be a competitor, They should be banned from selling on ebay.

Perminate Link for Amazon Duped by Bogus Law Firm Says CNBC   Amazon Duped by Bogus Law Firm Says CNBC

by: Barbbie This user has validated their user name.

Mon Sep 11 09:00:46 2017

Amazon does this all the time, they will suspend a seller over false claims. They deserve to be sued, and I hope they lose.

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