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Sat Dec 15 2012 18:47:26

Tips on Selling Clothing on Poshmark

By: Julia Wilkinson

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I'm used to listing items online via my good ol' desktop PC, so this brave new world of listing items on an online marketplace directly from my cell phone was a bit daunting. But Poshmark, the app that is all about selling, sharing, socializing and buying directly from a mobile device, is really meant to be experienced that way.

After my first tentative attempt at listing a few items of clothing (a Chanel suit, a very small Coach wallet/purse, and a lace top), I got some great tips from power user Annie Cheng ("bananniekins" on Poshmark) for upping my odds of selling stuff and more effectively using Poshmark. I'll now share them with you:

- "I recommend modeling all items," says Annie. "I notice the items that I model have a 90% higher chance of selling. Clothes ALWAYS look better on. Not to mention, it saves a lot of time because expect a lot of people to start asking you to model your clothes. Also, accessorize and make complete outfits when you take pics!"

You can see Annie practices what she preaches. Here's a look at just a couple of her items in her "closet":

Of course, I'd venture to say Annie looks a heck of a lot better modeling her items than I would modeling mine, but that's what croppers are for.

 - "The MOST important tip I can give you is to become more involved in the Poshmark community!" says Annie. Ask any questions to all the suggested users, I'm sure they would be more than happy to help. "Follow lots of closets, many will follow you back. And share items that you like, many of those people will look your closet and share items they like in your closet to their followers. It's kind of like returning the favor," she explains, adding, "We like to help each other out on this app!"

- About setting prices: "Unfortunately people love discounts so they will always ask," said Annie when I asked her what kinds of discounts people expected. I did notice that a lot of wheeling and dealing seems to be going on in this app, mostly in the comments under items' photos. And in the real-time "parties" people can comment as well.. Two things you can do, says Annie:

1) Mark the price exactly at what you want to sell it at, and say your price is firm.

2) Mark slightly above your sell price and give people a discount when they ask for it. 

"I recommend going with #2. People always feel better about purchasing when they feel like they are getting a deal."

So far I have not sold anything yet, but I still have a lot of items to put up. I just added a pair of practically new leather boots from Territory Ahead that have been cooling their heels in my closet for a few years; I think I wore them once. Annie has friended me and was kind enough to "share" my item, so with time I hope to adding Poshmark to my portfolio of places where my no-longer-wanted items go to find a new home.

What do you think of the Poshmark model of doing it all on mobile -- photos, listing, buying, commenting? Do you think you will try out the app? Post a comment here!

Read more about Poshmark in Sunday's EcommerceBytes newsletter.

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Tips on Selling Clothing on Poshmark   Tips on Selling Clothing on Poshmark

by: Tiffee Jasso This user has validated their user name.

Mon Dec 17 02:54:38 2012

Sounds real time consuming and I think it is fine for those who have time on their hands and are not trying to make ends meet.  

Tips on Selling Clothing on Poshmark   Tips on Selling Clothing on Poshmark

This user has validated their user name. by: Rexford

Mon Dec 17 08:17:02 2012

I'm not sure why they designed it to only be used via mobile. Doesn't seem like a good business decision.

Tips on Selling Clothing on Poshmark   Tips on Selling Clothing on Poshmark

This user has validated their user name. by: iheartjacksparrow

Mon Dec 17 13:24:50 2012

I looked at a number of the "closets." I'd never consider selling there as I don't buy designer items, which it appears the site is geared to.

And I agree with Rexford that they are limiting users by being mobile-only. Give me a big screen and a keyboard that I can actually type on with speed over listing via a 5" phone.

Tips on Selling Clothing on Poshmark   Tips on Selling Clothing on Poshmark

This user has validated their user name. by: permacrisis

Fri Dec 21 04:43:57 2012

Built-in Old Folk filter, I guess.

Tips on Selling Clothing on Poshmark   Tips on Selling Clothing on Poshmark

by: sells-a-lot This user has validated their user name.

Thu Dec 27 09:00:54 2012

Am I the only one that doesn't like seeing clothing worn by people? Stock photos with models are one thing but photos like that just say to me that the item has been worn and not cleaned before it is sent out (ew!). I would rather see it on a mannequin.

Tips on Selling Clothing on Poshmark   Tips on Selling Clothing on Poshmark

by: A touch of grey This user has validated their user name.

Wed Jul 17 00:54:26 2013

While poshmark app is a "good idea" in theory let me just say, this "community" of fashionistas is appalling. You have no piece of mind when buying or selling your items on poshmark. First of all the customer service at POSHMARK IS A JOKE.. To say the least.. Contact them, and watch how long it takes to receive a message from an actual person.. Sometimes DAYS IF NOT WEEKS! They reply with an automated message telling you to read the community guidelines! No PHONE NUMBER AND RATED D- on the BETTER BUSINESS BUERE WEBSITE!!  After being on the APP for 3 months, being bombarded with is it "authentic" questions, low balling on VERY EXPENSIVE ITEMS.. For instance I was offered $15.00 on a DOLCE AND GABBANA SUIT- new with tags that retailer for $2,300.. Offended? Or ignorance? Not sure which! Needles to say I was also sold a FAKE BAG- for $1600.00 which took WEEEKKKSS TO GET MY REFUND! The app states that you will receive your funds immediately however I have had them hold money for 5 days- even after the purchaser agreed to the shipment. The app collects 20% and you must also pay the ridiculous shipping fees!!! MY OPINION? GO TO GOODWILL, or a local CONSIGNMENT SHOP! This APP IS A JOKE!! I deleted the app but I still get push notifications on my iPad! HATE IS A NICE WORD FOR THIS APP!!  

Tips on Selling Clothing on Poshmark   Tips on Selling Clothing on Poshmark

by: Deimante This user has validated their user name.

Tue Nov 25 08:10:07 2014

I always think that posh shouldn't have only app version I think it is mistake ;/ Vinted app do it right it promotes as app, but they have a web too I think that is great!  

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