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Mon Jan 9 2017 22:52:29

Don't Be Misled, the Yahoo Brand Will Remain

By: Ina Steiner
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There is some confusion about what Monday's news from Yahoo will mean, with some people believing that the Yahoo name will disappear, but that's not the case. That may be somewhat comforting to merchants who use the company's small business services who have gone through enough brand changes in the last 2 years to last a lifetime. 

As previously reported, Verizon agreed to acquire Yahoo's core Internet assets, and if the deal goes through, it will presumably keep the Yahoo brand. 

However, Verizon is not acquiring the company Yahoo nor its remaining assets, which includes stock in Alibaba and cash. After the sale of its core business to Verizon, the company Yahoo will change its name to Altaba.

MarketWatch did a good job explaining today's news (except that by displaying the incorrect tweets so prominently, it may have perpetuated confusion among those simply skimming the piece).

Yahoo Small Business changed names numerous times since 2015. Originally Yahoo was going to sell off its Alibaba assets and keep running its businesses. Yahoo Small Business was the sacrificial lamb that was going to be sold along with the Alibaba stock for tax reasons, so was rebranded Luminate, then Aabaco Small Business - but that plan fell apart.

The business unit is still called Aabaco Small Business, but the word Yahoo now dominates its logo.

It seems for the Yahoo story, there's plenty of confusion (and bad names) to go around.
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Don't Be Misled, the Yahoo Brand Will Remain   Don't Be Misled, the Yahoo Brand Will Remain
by: handmedownheaven This user has validated their user name.
       Web Site
Wed Jan 11 00:31:55 2017
Personally I want nothing to do with liberal yahoo that can't even keep it's users personal information private.  Boy is Verizon in for a major turd bird
Don't Be Misled, the Yahoo Brand Will Remain   Don't Be Misled, the Yahoo Brand Will Remain
This user has validated their user name. by: Rexford
Wed Jan 11 10:02:38 2017
You mean the darling CEO of Silicon Valley tech companies, Marissa Mayer, has failed?

LOL..........celebrity CEOs.  Oey vey.  Her estimated net worth is $300M despite the company's failure.  It is a good gig if you can get it.  

Didn't Forbes write an article about her entitled "A Case of Poor Leadership"?

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